• 'Making truss' to Hang En Quang Binh, wading streams, crossing forests and admiring the miraculous stalactites

    Hang En Quang Binh is an extremely attractive destination, in the top 3 largest caves on the planet. The way to the cave is 10km long, quite dangerous, so it is very suitable for experienced enthusiasts. 

    About Hang En Quang Binh 

    Hang En is located quite deep inside the karst complex of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park . Want to admire the dreamy landscape here, you have to go through the process of wading streams, climbing passes about 11km. Although it is so difficult, when crossing this road you will get yourself an extremely satisfactory result. 

    Up to the present time, En Quang Binh cave is still ranked 3rd in the world in terms of its enormous size. The cave is 2km long through towering limestone blocks. There are 3 paths to here, of which the cave entrance is very large and the most famous with a height of 120m and a width of 140m. It is the pristine, overgrown forests surrounding the cave that create a truly magnificent scene. You have to go to witnesses to believe it is real. There are some areas in En cave with a dome of 100m high and 180m wide. It was so big that very strong light from professional headlamps could hardly reach the cave walls. 

    The best time to conquer En Quang Binh cave  

    In Quang Binh, the dry season will take place from April to August. The climate at that time is hot and dry, but it is ideal to visit and conquer famous caves. The temperature in the dry season ranges from 36 - 37 degrees C. However, inside the cave is quite cool, the average temperature is only from 20 - 21 degrees C. The rainy season comes from September to March. Many, the climates are cold, so there will be restrictions on cave exploration. 

    time to travel to En cave Choose the ideal time to have a wonderful trip (Photo: Doanhuuviet)

    According to the Quang Binh tourism experience of Vietnam Travel, if you want to explore the Quang Binh En cave you should come in August. This is the most appropriate and safest time. Your job is to prepare all the luggage to go. 

    Conquering Hang En: Means of transportation

    Transportation to Quang Binh 

    From Hanoi 
    Starting from Hanoi, you can choose routes of airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar to go to Dong Hoi. Flights will usually have round-trip tickets at noon and morning. Ticket prices are about 1,200,000 VND - 2,000,000 VND / person / person. However, often the airlines will have cheap tickets so you can wait for the opportunity to hunt for tickets. 
    In addition, if you are interested in traveling and sightseeing, you can choose a train to go to Quang Binh. Although the travel time is much longer than taking the plane (12 hours), the ticket price is also cheaper (from 200,000 VND - 750,000 VND).

    From Saigon
    Currently if derived from TP. Ho Chi Minh City will have 2 airlines with flight routes to Dong Hoi with ticket prices of about 1,000,000 VND, namely Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines, and Jetstar. Visitors can also take the train for 600,000 VND. The journey will take about 20 hours. So if you are not a person who can withstand a long train ride, you should consider it. In addition, a passenger car is also a good choice. 

    Move to Hang En 

    Currently there will be 2 options to go to Hang En Quang Binh . One is a helicopter ride, the other is a trekking. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages and different interestingness. If you choose to go by helicopter, you will save time, less energy and get a panoramic view of Phong Nha - Ke Bang view from above. 
    If you choose to go trekking you will have to go through a not leisurely journey like a helicopter. However, in return you will directly admire and explore Phong Nha Ke Bang area, encountering many diverse biological systems. Besides, it also helps to exercise health, exercise fitness. 

    What should be prepared when coming to En Quang Binh cave?

    Health: The total distance of trekking in Hang En both going and returning will be about 22km. In which there are areas quite high, easy to slide, long. So before going you should exercise well by walking every day 2 weeks before leaving. 
    Clothing:  You should choose light, long-sleeved, quick-drying, sweat-absorbent clothes. Prepare to add 2 - 3 pairs of insect-proof socks. In addition to the clothes to wear for people, add a backpack to change when you sleep in the cave. When choosing shoes, choose specialized shoes for trekking because they are waterproof. During the journey to En cave you will have to go through many watery roads. Hats, hats, and slippers are also items you must prepare to camp in. In addition, a toothbrush, toothpaste, face washcloth, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, ... cannot be missed. If you give the camera or phone, please charge the battery fully and bring the charger cord, backup charger. 

    Trekking Hang En Quang Binh 

    To trekking Hang En Quang Binh , visitors will have to go through Doong village, this is a small village where Bru - Van Kieu people live. Although life of the people here still has many difficulties, they are extremely friendly and welcoming to tourists. 
    The deeper you go, the steeper and more bumpy the road will be. Now you pay attention to reduce the speed again to ensure safety. Going a long way, you will see a wide valley, surrounded by high mountains. The feeling is broken when being spread out to admire the wild scenery of the mountains and forests. However, the more happy thing is that you will be able to touch the strong source of cool spring water. Just follow the stream and you will come to En cave . 
    Conquering En cave, you will realize the presence of extremely fresh and relaxing air. This is a great gift after a tiring trekking journey. 

    Hang En has something special This is the space that many tourists are looking for (Image: tonyle1984)

    Going deep into the cave, you will certainly be captivated by the rocky mountains and sparkling stalactites, of all shapes and sizes. The beauty of En Quang Binh cave is most sparkling when there are rays of light from above shining directly on the lake inside. 
    When you have finished the tour, go to the campsite and set up a tent, enjoy delicious food. You should invite a few friends to go fishing in the stream to enjoy the fun. After a long, tiring day, take a good night's sleep in small tents built in caves. 
    Hang En Quang Binh is an extremely ideal choice for visitors to enjoy the majestic space with vast mountains and impressive wild beauty. 

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