• Looking for beautiful cafes in Dong Hoi taking pictures with your hands tired

    1. F Coffe - a nice cafe in Dong Hoi must try 
    Talking about the shop coffee in Dong Hoi beautiful it must have F Coffee will not out of the list. The shop has a very strange architecture, built from red bricks. At first glance, you think you are going to a village gate or ancient palaces. The space at the restaurant is wide open, with many trees as highlights, in the surrounding there is an artificial blue lake. There are many small fish in the lake. If you have never been to or do not know much information, you think this is a normal restaurant. However, if you want to have the most relaxing moments of coffee, F Coffee is an address that is hard to ignore. Isn't it great to drink coffee while having moments embracing nature? 

    2. May Cafe - a very nice cafe in Dong Hoi 

    Address:  69 Hai Ba Trung, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh
    If you do not mention May Cafe in the list of beautiful cafes in Dong Hoi , it is a big mistake. Fortunately, there is a space to enjoy modern, sweet and colorful coffee. Come here in addition to drinking coffee, you will feel free to check in. Any corner here will also be easy for you to have beautiful frames. 

    3. Everland Coffee - beautiful sparkling coffee shop in Dong Hoi 

    Address:  01 Nguyen Van Troi, Dong Hoi 
    Everland Coffee has a similar architecture to Coco's Coffee because both use bamboo as the main material to design the restaurant. Although the material is the same, the message is different. Coco's Coffee offers a slightly traditional beauty, but Everland Coffee has more typical modern features. This is a space to enjoy coffee with perfect relaxation in Dong Hoi. 

    4. Atena Bakery & Cafe - famous Dong Hoi coffee shop 

    Address:  58 Tran Hung Dao, City. Dong Hoi, Quang Binh
    Since opening, Atena Bakery & Cafe has always been on the list of beautiful coffee addresses in Dong Hoi . This is a cafe combined with European cakes. Atena has a modern design, open space with main light brown tones. Especially, there are very beautiful 3D walls. This is a mesmerizing virtual living spot for everyone, just holding the camera, posing a little deep, there are countless magical photos. Here, you will have a chance to sip delicious coffee with many unique European and Vietnamese cakes. 
    Atena Bakery Cafe - a nice cafe in Dong Hoi
    Don't forget to check in 

    5. S Coffee - nice coffee shop in Dong Hoi is preferred 

    Address: 5 Phan Boi Chau, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh
    Currently S Coffee is not only a place to enjoy great coffee of tourists everywhere, but also attracts many young local people. The restaurant serves from 6:30 - 23:00 per day. Here you will be free to order very bold coffee cups, in addition do not forget to experience a unique tea ceremony, ... The shop is designed with 2 colors, black and white as accents. That is why it creates a very unique charm and mystery. 

    6. The Rustic Coffee - Traditional Dong Hoi coffee shop

    Address: 5A Hai Ba Trung, City. Dong Hoi, Quang Binh
    A list of beautiful cafes in Dong Hoi is indispensable The Rustic Coffee. This shop has an ideal combination between modernity and classical features. So this place always brings memories of a traditional coffee-enjoying space. The Rustic Coffee not only stands out with its design but also has a very rich coffee formula with reasonable price. Service quality is also reviewed quite positively. This is also the favorite shooting address that is loved by the virtual life association. 

    7. Thach Thao Coffee - a romantic cafe in Dong Hoi 

    Address:  44 Nguyen Trai, City. Dong Hoi, Quang Binh. 
    Thach Thao Cafe is an impressive cafe with a very gentle and romantic style. The shop owns a very spacious campus with an area of ​​about 4,500 m2. The traditional building material is mainly wood, combined with semi-classical style to create the perfect unity between man and nature. This is a very romantic dating site for couples. The drinks here are varied to suit the tastes of many subjects. 

    8. Atena-Light art gallery & coffee

    Address: 12 Phan Chu Trinh, Dong My, Dong Hoi
    Light art gallery & coffee is the last name in the top of beautiful coffee shops in Dong Hoi . The shop has a very ancient space, bringing a lot of memories to visitors with old bicycles, old TVs, old photos. Around, this shop is decorated with many unique walls, green trees or an old sofa. These are all very vintage shooting angles. 
    With the list above you have seen that there are many  beautiful cafes in Dong Hoi that  make many tourists fall in love. So please go as soon as you have the chance.

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