• Immerse yourself in the serenity of Ta Cu mountain pagoda, Phan Thiet

    Coming to Phan Thiet, besides visiting the green beaches like high sky or wild sand hills, you must definitely visit attractive spiritual tourist spots, such as Ta Cu mountain pagoda.

    Introduction to Ta Cu mountain pagoda in Phan Thiet

    Ta Cu mountain pagoda , known locally as Nui or Linh Son Ta Cu Pagoda , is located at an altitude of 457m on the slopes of Ta Cu mountain, along National Highway 1A belonging to the nature reserve in Thuan Nam town, Ham Thuan Nam district. 

    Ta Cu mountain pagoda complex consists of 2 pagodas, Tren pagoda, also known as Linh Son Truong Tho and Under pagoda is called Linh Son Long or Long Doan.
    According to history books, in the 33rd year of Tu Duc (1880), Queen Tu Du became seriously ill, the monk Tran Huu Duc - who used to practice and contribute a lot of effort to take care of the Buddha in many temples in Binh Thuan like Co Thach Pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda (Tuy Phong) or Phuoc Hung… has not recovered from illness for people. In thanksgiving for the monk's merit, King Tu Duc gifted him with the gift of conferring the name "Linh Son Truong Tho" and called the monk "Venerable Venerable".
    As for the temple below, it was not until the monk Huu Duc passed away (1887) that the new monk Tam Hien Vien Hue was founded and placed above "Linh Son Long Doan". 

    'Breeze' in the purity of Ta Cu mountain pagoda, Phan ThietImpressive architecture (Photo @ dinhhai5)

    After many restoration in 1932, 1938, 1960, in 1993, Linh Son Ta Cu Pagoda was recognized as a national-level historical and cultural monument in Vietnam and attracted many people to pilgrimage. 

    Ancient architecture of Ta Cu mountain pagoda

    In general, the Ta Cu mountain pagoda relic was built in the style of Bac Tong, often seen with curved roof layers soaring up like a blade with delicate carved dragonflies making everyone. 
    Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda  above is located at the center, divided into 3 compartments, the middle one is the main hall to worship Buddha, the left is the house of the bishop and the right is the place of worshiping Huu Duc. In particular, this temple features the Buddhist architectural style of the Nguyen Dynasty with the roof of the pagoda dotted with the blue sky and the mountains of Binh Thuan and more than one hundred upside down steps from the three gates to the pagoda.
    Even the temple also built a tomb tower in the middle of the courtyard so that Buddhists and visitors can forever remember his merit and merit. Next to the tomb tower is a tiger tamed by the monk Huu Duc and often carried with him.
    Linh Son Long Doan pagoda below is designed with Mahayana Buddhist architecture mixed with modern style of the pagoda roofs with harmonious and elegant yin and yang shape, making the overall temple become. 
    In addition, Ta Cu mountain pagoda also has unique Buddha statues, Quan The Am Bodhisattva for visitors to visit and worship. The most typical is the Buddha Shakyamuni statue entering nirvana in the recumbent position, knees on arms, his back leaning on the cliffs and it takes up to 4 years to be completed.
    This Buddha statue makes it easy to think of the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho temple in Thailand , but if the statue in Thailand is made of gold, then it is made of reinforced concrete with the width of the foot.
    Below this reclining Buddha is a group of Tam Ton Amitabha statues standing on a lotus, arranged in a row with the 7m high Amitabha statue in the middle, the Quan The Am statue on the left and the Dai The Chi statue on the right all have 6 , 5m with kind eyes, warmly looking down at the earth. Along with that is the statue of Maitreya Buddha with a peaceful smile that visitors cannot ignore when visiting Ta Cu mountain temple .

    Pictures of charming nature at Ta Cu mountain pagoda

    Located on a rather high mountain slope, the atmosphere at Ta Cu mountain pagoda is cool all year round, the average temperature is only between 18 and 22 degrees in summer. Along with that is the green space of lush forests, two sides are two small clear streams flowing from the mountain bed, making the temple space bring a sweet and cool taste, attracting visitors.
    Standing in the courtyard of Linh Son Phan Thiet pagoda , immersed in the compassionate and contemplative Dharma space, listening to the murmuring water, the sound of birds singing, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, somewhere. Waving in the air is a faint floral scent, which will definitely make your soul more calm, quiet and serene than ever.

    'Breeze' in the purity of Ta Cu mountain pagoda, Phan ThietGreen space of the temple (Photo @ lananh.andrena)

    Besides, you can also admire the moss on the rocks, the red flowers blooming, the overlapping hills or the houses with the hidden Cham architecture. No wonder anyone who comes to Phan Thiet will not forget to visit the pagoda.
    If you come here on the occasion of Tet to return to Spring or the death anniversary of To Huu Duc on the 5th of the 10th lunar year every year, not only can visitors witness the temple change in a new and brighter layer, but can also enjoy it? The crowded, crowded atmosphere of people visiting Buddha and praying for peace, peace and luck for themselves and their families.

    How to go to Ta Cu mountain pagoda

    To reach the relic, the first way, visitors can climb more than 1000 stone steps in the middle of the forest, take at least 3 hours, if you go slow it can be up to nearly half a day. Therefore, the climbing plan, although cost-effective, will only be for those in good health, who like to move, explore and experience or plan to sleep in the mountain.
    The second way will be more expensive but can save energy and time (it only takes 15 minutes) to admire the whole green scenery of Ta Cu mountain and forest, which is to sit by cable car. This is also the plan that many tourists use.
    Not located on a beautiful location that is easy to visit, but Ta Cu mountain pagoda is always an attractive spiritual tourist destination for pilgrims coming to Phan Thiet.

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