• Explore the popular entertainment areas in District 7 in Saigon

    The amusement parks in District 7 below are a fun and suitable place to 'swing' and give your all after busy working or studying days.
    After stressful working days, relaxing moments at weekends and interesting breaks are what everyone wants. If you do not have enough time for a long trip or vacation, you can still enjoy a short vacation in Saigon.
    Compared with urban districts, in the downtown area such as District 1, District 3, District 5 ... District 7 is further away from the center, but possesses a cool and modern space, with air. Therefore, this is an ideal, attractive and loved by many people to enjoy really relaxing moments on weekends or Tet holidays.
    But if you choose District 7 as a weekend destination, many of you will wonder or wonder, "What does District 7 play?" , The amusement district 7 most compelling. If you are having such questions, places like Phu My Hung urban area, SC Vivo City, Anh Sao Bridge, Cresent Mall, Hello Park, ... are the perfect suggestions for you.

    1. Phu My Hung urban area

    Phu My Hung is known as the first world-class modern urban area in Vietnam. This place owns a modern architectural space, convenient but still keeps the airy, fresh and cool air.

    Explore the entertainment areas in District 7 attracting visitors - Lake ViewBeautiful lake view in Phu My Hung. Photo: applegendary

    Each street, street corner of Phu My Hung has the appearance of the most luxurious urban area of ​​Saigon. If you are wondering, "What does District 7 have to play" , the luxurious Nguyen Van Linh street in front of Sky Garden I, II, a Nguyen Canh Chan Boulevard with countless eateries and many famous restaurants. The canal area with green patches is a stretch of tree headlines, the lawn is moist, fragrant with the scent of milk flowers is the most suitable answer for you.

    2. Anh Sao Bridge and Crescent Lake

    Address: Rach Thay Tieu, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh
    But the most famous in the Phu My Hung urban area and also a tourist destination in Saigon , the entertainment area in District 7 that many young people love is only Anh Sao Bridge and Ban Nguyet Lake.
    Because these are two rare romantic destinations located in the bustling and busy urban area. During the day, the space here is somewhat quiet and poetic. But when the sun slowly falls, the sunset gradually passes, making way for the night to fall, then this area becomes more sparkling and brilliant than ever.
    The space here is really impressive, first because the bridge's structure is designed in a curved shape like a crescent moon. Anh Sao Bridge is up to 170m in length and 8.3m in width. With such a spacious and airy space, you will feel free to check in and live online. But the unique highlight of the bridge is in its name as well as its design. Specifically, the bridge is spanned across the Thay Tieu canal connecting one side of the river in the West which is modeled on a half-moon pattern and the east bank is built in the model of the sun. When you visit this district 7 in the evening, you will be overwhelmed by the bright lights everywhere, highlighting a large area. The LED light system will be continuously color-changed.
    Especially when you come to Anh Sao Bridge and Half Moon Lake on weekends or festivals, your experience will surely become more interesting and unforgettable. What could be better than having a romantic weekend with your loved one or a group of close friends walking on the starry streets. The two sides of the bridge and lake are also adorned with colorful sparkling waterfalls.
    Romance right from the name to the real scene, so it is not difficult to understand when the area of ​​Anh Sao Bridge and Crescent Lake is always the ideal dating spot for many couples. On short holidays or weekends, if you have explored the magnificent Bitexco building in District 7, excursions to Con Rua Lake in District 3 and other destinations in the city center, check in at the bridge and lake This most famous country in District 7 is to change the wind and experience it by the romantic emotions, soaring here.

    3. Cresent Mall

    Address: 101 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh
    Commercial Center Cresent Mall is located quite close to the area with Anh Sao Bridge and Crescent Lake. If the two areas above are good spots for sightseeing and walking, Cresent Mall is an ideal place for you to continue your journey to explore the entertainment spots in District 7 on the weekend. This is one of the leading shopping centers in Saigon, standing shoulder to shoulder with Vincom Dong Khoi or Takashimay with many great promotions and incentives.
    If you are a fan of shopping, do not miss the Cresent Mall! Especially when checking in Cresent Mall on the right occasion of big holidays like Halloween or Christmas will be even more correct because you can hunt for good deals and receive great promotions. And yet, when you visit one of these impressive Saigon entertainment venues , you will inevitably be surprised by the extremely splendid and majestic decoration of this shopping mall space. A little suggestion is that going at night will be more beautiful because you will be immersed in the colors of the lights with more visitors and shopping than during the day.
    In addition, Cresent Mall also serves as a well-designed play area for both adults and children. The building has all 6 floors and is divided into separate areas such as shopping, dining and various entertainment. Here, visitors will have full services to cater for outing and resting.
    And the children coming to Cresent Mall will be spoiled for discovering attractive games and entertainment. Moreover, this shopping mall is also impressed with young people because it has many beautiful photo angles. What are you waiting for without a quick date to go out and go to the amusement park in this attractive district to explore.

    4. SC Vivo City

    Address: Trade center at SC VivoCity, 1058 Nguyen Van Linh, KP. 1, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, City. HCM City.
    Compared to Cresent Mall, SC Vivo City is a later-born commercial center, but not inferior, even larger and more modern. This is really a place that you should not visit in the list of amusement parks in District 7 .
    SC Vivo City is a commercial complex with a full range of services and utilities needed for visitors to have the freedom to shop, eat or have fun, stress relief after working, studying or busy days. The most sensible thing is to take a weekend off to get here. You will be able to explore the vast space, watch and walk on the hallways which are impressively designed, creating its own unique character.
    In addition to traditional shopping activities, when coming to SC Vivo City, visitors can also enjoy immersing themselves in the world of exciting games at 2 pretty cool amusement parks!
    And if you are a fan of movies - the 7th art subject, SC Vivo City certainly does not disappoint. Because this place not only has a CGV theater, but above all, it also owns the leading cinema technologies such as IMAX, 3D IMAX or even 4DX, ready to give you the most vivid movie feeling.
    For young people who love virtual life, do not forget to choose for yourself modern youthful outfits and what you need then visit SC Vivo City to get beautiful and impressive virtual live shots.
    Not only is the usual shopping, entertainment and dining destination, it has many interesting playgrounds, especially attracting people as well as tourists to explore in Saigon. On the rooftop of SC Vivocity Mall, there is also a park system with plenty of space for relaxing and relaxing. And certainly indispensable play area for children here too. Because of its large area, diversity of space and many facilities, this shopping center and amusement park in District 7 is always on the list of favorite destinations for families, especially those with child.

    5. Artinus 3D Painting Museum

    Address: No. 2, Street 9, Tan Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh
    Leaving the airy, modern Phu My Hung urban area and bustling commercial centers, let's come to the Artinus 3D Painting Museum to get lost in a space filled with art, originality and extremely novel. This is a very beautiful virtual living place with many 3D pictures that are not only extremely vivid but also beautiful, evoking your imagination.
    When entering this amusement park, the first feeling of many visitors is to find themselves small in the middle of a virtual living space full of 3D paintings, opening up a magical world.
    Viewers seem to be immersed in a completely different space from the present between different themes such as a wild world dedicated to those who love to explore nature and flora and fauna, Ocean with vast, overwhelming scenery of the sea, ancient art and Egypt hidden many mysterious and interesting things, ... Visiting the 3D museum, you will also gradually understand more about the historical values ​​through adventures at this impressive district 7 amusement park .
    Ticket price at Artinus 3D Painting Museum is 150k / adult on weekdays. Particularly on Saturday and Sunday, the ticket price will increase a bit to 200k. However, you only need to hunt for discount codes on special occasions of the year, the price will be about 8k cheaper tickets. With such a great entertainment and sightseeing spot in the heart of District 7, do not miss you. Because this is an opportunity to discover the beauty of art and also a virtual living place, free to take pictures with many unique photos.
    Since there are so many topics to explore and choose from as well as take pictures, it will take time to be able to go through every corner of this fascinating museum.

    Explore the attractive district 7 amusement parks - check in genuineGenuine check-in photo at the 3D museum.

    Even more interesting is that each photo here has detailed and specific instructions so you can be able to best pose with beautiful and impressive angles. So do not worry about how to stand or sit when taking pictures.
    The gallery space is very magical, so the ability to deceive the user's vision is very high, so before entering here, be prepared to lose yourself in the fairy-tale world with many mythical stories.

    6. Hello Park

    Address: 582/12 Huynh Tan Phat, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh.
    Hello Park District 7 is a place to experience a racing game full of fun for young people, especially for teams who are passionate about speed, who want to experience the thrills of the race like in the hit movie "Fast & Furious" ".
    What is more attractive when right in Saigon right now, in the heart of District 7, there is a place equipped with F1, Kart 1 races, satisfying the racing passion of many young people. Especially when the tracks are reproduced in real life!
    That way, Formula 1 race track is located in the campus of Hello Park District 7, just less than 30 minutes from the city center. The 340m long track at Kart 1 and began to operate in November 2017. With such a convenient location and excellent equipment, this place has quickly become an attractive entertainment venue. The biggest advantage of this district 7 amusement park is that you will both experience high-speed racing - a thrilling sport while ensuring the required safety.
    Hello Park has a total of 12 Go-Karts, 50 high-displacement Kart cars, speed up to 9 PS. All are always ready to give players the experience to challenge themselves. These vehicles run on gasoline and all cars are imported directly from Germany so rest assured that they are always of high quality. In addition, the technicians here are always on duty in case something happens so we don't need to fear or doubt anything. The only thing to do is focus, find a way to break through and win the highest ranking on the track!
    Each car has a built-in positioning chip for accurate time measurement. Join this game, you can also practice more Go-Kart racing skills. This is a program that is part of the training courses. This  Saigon entertainment venue  also has a software system "MYLAPS Sports Timing". They will help players to race themselves and surpass their own previous race time records. At the end of each stage, your race results will be printed and stored as a souvenir.
    Opening hours of Hello Park:
    - Weekdays: From 15:00 - 21:00.
    - Sunday and public holidays: From 10:00 - 21:00 for Saturday.
    Cost: Includes 3 types of tickets depending on the needs of players:
    - 5 minutes: 125,000 VND
    - 10 minutes: 200,000 VND
    - 15 minutes: 275,000 VND
    - Helmet rental price: 10,000 VND
    - Sports shoes rental price: 20,000 VND
    - Hand subscription price: 10,000 VND
    Players can equip themselves with 2/3 hats and shoes.
    Price of training sessions:
    - Personal training 1: 1: 1,000,000 VND / hour
    - Group training from 2 to 4 people: 1,500,000 VND / hour
    Note that to participate in this racing experience, players need to be over 1m5 tall!

    7. Phu My Bridge

    Phu My Bridge connects District 2 with District 7. This is the largest rope bridge in Saigon with a length of 2km. But the most impressive feature of this bridge is its modern design.

    Explore the entertainment areas in District 7 attracting tourists - Phu My Bridge at nightPhu My Bridge at night is full of colors. Photo: Hoangtrieu

    If you stand down from the top floor of the Bitexco building , you will be able to see the panoramic view of the city center, from Phu My Bridge, we will admire the beautiful scenery of District 7, especially in night. When checking in at this scenic spot, do not forget to turn your eyes towards District 2 to see the dragon shape curving across the river.

    8. Tajmasago Resort entertainment district 7

    Address: 06 Phan Van Chuong, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh
    Tajmasago Resort is a beautiful resort in Saigon in general and District 7 in particular. This place is also considered as an ideal area for you and your family to relax and relax. The resort's architecture and interior are designed in a classic Middle Eastern style, hiding mystery but still does not lack modernity in life. This place is fully equipped with necessary amenities, so it will be very suitable for outing and stress relief near Saigon on weekends or short holidays for you and your family.
    Here, guests can enjoy watching 3D movies, go to the spa or relax in the gym, swim or go to the outdoor swimming pool to relax. Moreover, the Tajmasago Resort also has entertainment rooms, amusement parks and a private bar to serve customers to rest and relax most nicely.
    Not located in the heart of the city like other Saigon tourist destinations , but the entertainment areas in District 7 have their own charm and uniqueness, bringing a new wind to the choice of many tourists if they want to choose places for entertainment and walks, sightseeing or shopping. Let's schedule to visit Phu My Hung, Anh Sao Bridge, Artinus 3D Painting Museum or bustling commercial centers like SC Vivo City, Cresent Mall now!

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