• Explore the Bitexco building - a magnificent symbol of Saigon

    Next to Notre Dame, Con Rua lake or Independence Palace, Saigon also has an equally unique symbol that the "skyscraper" Bitexco building makes everyone passing by must look up.

    About Bitexco Saigon building

    Located at 19-25 Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 - the most dynamic area of Ho Chi Minh City , Bitexco ( Bitexco Financial Tower ) building is invested about 400 million USD by Bitexco Group real estate group. US dollar to build with a symbolic purpose of modernity, dynamism and development of Saigon.

    The tower was started construction in May 2004 under the design of the famous American architect Carlos Zapara, in October 2010, it was inaugurated and became the tallest tower in Saigon, at the same time standing fourth in Vietnam, after Landmark 81 , Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower and Lotte Center Hanoi

    Architecture has 1 - 0 - 2 of the Bitexco building

    Bitexco Financial Tower is built on an area of ​​6,100 m2, the height from the ground to the top is 269m with 3 basements and 68 floors, providing 37,000 m2 for the office area, more than 8,000 m2 for the area. commercial, more than 600 m2 for restaurants and more than 300 m2 for business people.

    Bitexco building - heightOutstanding among tall buildings in Saigon (Photo @ samm47_here)

    Surrounding the building are 6,000 double tempered glass panels purchased from Belgium and processed in China and Korea. Each glass sheet has a thickness of 2.8 cm, consists of 2 layers, each layer is 0.8 cm thick, in the middle is a layer of soundproof gas, 1.2 cm thick insulation, with low iron content, making the system wall resistant. 
    Stand out in the heart of the city, but with the designer of the Bitexco building , the construction of this project is not to compete on height but to express the nation's desire to rise to rival the powers of the world. 
    Bitexco Financial impresses with the shape of a pure lotus bud shining in the sun like a brightly blooming Vietnam. The soft and smooth curves of the tower are like the elegance in traditional Vietnamese ao dai. When the top part of the building is up, the light will look like a splendid lighthouse, lighting up the sky.
    Another highlight of this tower is the helipad located on the 52nd floor in the south direction at an altitude of 191m with a total length of 40m, of which 18m connects to the main structure of the building and extends beyond 22m. . This is also the first building in Vietnam to have such a "suspended" helipad in the air, not only creating a unique beauty but also helping visitors to the Bitexco building to have access to warm spaces. 
    It can be said that the harmonious combination of the national traditional cultural features with the luxurious modern architecture in this building clearly shows a dynamic, developed and integrated Vietnam but still retains original national soul.

    Great experiences at Bitexco building

    Go elevator

    Speaking of elevators, many people will click their tongue, "where there is an elevator, there is no surprise". But no, coming to Bitexco Saigon building , you will be amazed by the 12-storey 2-storey elevator system manufactured and installed by Otis of America at a speed of 7 m / s, which means it only takes 45 seconds for you.  This first experience is enough to delight you.

    "Ignore" the mall

    For those who are "addicted" to shopping, Bitexco Financial Tower is your paradise. Many famous fashion brands such as Adidas, Charles & Keith, Gucci, Channel, Topshop or Dior ... are "gathered" here to satisfy your "spending money" needs. 

    Relax at the cafes

    Shopping is gone, a peaceful cafe with a fragrant aroma of coffee and a bit of soothing music will make your soul "caressed" extremely comfortable. Some typical cafes in the Bitexco building that you can refer to are ELLE coffee - a garden cafe located on the ground floor with green pots and open street view or EON cafe - a cafe on the clouds. With transparent layers of glass to help you sip while enjoying the panoramic view of the splendid streets.

    Eat well in the food court

    Although there is no luxurious commercial center, the Bitexco lotus tower still makes people fall in love because the culinary area is extremely diverse, rich and delicious. You can enjoy more than 500 specialties from many countries around the world from Asia to Europe, from main dishes to desserts ... all of them are extremely attentive.

    "Theatrical" in the cinema

    After you are satisfied with delicious food, setting foot on the 3rd and 4th floors to have fun with exciting games and special movies of BHD Star Cineplex is also a good suggestion. With 7 rooms, including 5 2D rooms and 2 3D projection rooms in an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 and a capacity of up to 1,000 people, with modern equipment of international standards, surely the cinema will give You have unforgettable experiences at Bitexco building .

    "Overwhelmed" at observatory Saigon Skydeck

    This is the most unique area in Bitexco that not all buildings have and is also the only place to charge fees if you want to set foot in. At the height of 178m above the ground, Saigon Skydeck observatory will give you a miniature picture of the entire magnificent Saigon, along with a meticulously-invested binocular system to help you see clearly. features of  famous tourist attractions in Saigon whether far or near: Notre Dame Cathedral , city ​​post office or Vo Van Kiet avenue ...

    Some notes at the Bitexco building

    Opening hours : From 9:30 to 21:30 from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday will close later at 10pm.
    Ticket price : 
    - If only visiting, eating and shopping, there is no need to buy tickets.
    - If you want to go to the observatory, you must buy a ticket with the price: adults are 200,000 VND / person, children from 4 to 12 years old with adults or the elderly, people with disabilities are 130,000 VND / person, children under 3 Age accompanied by adults (up to 2 children) is free. 
    - If going in groups, the group from 50 to 199 people is 180,000 VND / person, group from 200 people or more will be 160,000 VND / person.
    - You can buy tickets at the reception on the 49th floor of the Bitexco building or by calling 84 (28) 39 156 156. 
    - Last ticket sales time is 20 hours 45 minutes daily. 
    - The above ticket price includes the ticket to the Saigon Skydeck Observatory, the use of binoculars, free wifi and an extra bottle of mineral water.
    - Tickets purchased are not resold, non-refundable and non-refundable.
    - Fares and opening times are subject to change without prior notice
    Requirements for visitors to visit :
    - Do not bring animals and flammable substances into the building
    - Do not bring food and drink to the observatory
    - Do not smoke and chew gum while visiting at the observatory
    - Do not enter the observatory if there are signs of being drunk
    - Security guard will be entitled to check the visitors' luggage
    How to get there : Located in the city center so from where you can easily book the grap, catch a bus, call a taxi or take a cyclo to get here.

    Bitexco building - vehicle toThe bus is a very economical vehicle (Photo @jimmywinson)

    Traveling to Saigon without visiting Bitexco building once, the trip will become very lacking. Ready to visit this iconic building?

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