• Discover typical Saigon through the famous Ben Thanh market

    A long-standing ancient and a typical symbol of Saigon land, Ben Thanh market is a shopping place that also contains impressive historical and cultural stories.

    Where is Ben Thanh Market?

    If Hanoi has Dong Xuan market , then Ben Thanh market is also considered a symbol of Saigon's land to become magnificent. Large, spacious with characteristic red roof, the market is located at the South Gate, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City . The familiar address is not only associated with the people of this country, but even tourists, if they do not visit this market, they feel like they have missed something.

    History and origin of the name 'Ben Thanh'

    When the French colonialists invaded Gia Dinh citadel, they built it next to the Ben Nghe river, where only soldiers and visitors traveled, so the name Ben Thanh market was born from there. At first, this market only had small businesses near the Saigon River, going through many ups and downs for hundreds of years, associated with different historical landmarks.
    - 2/1859: The market was burned along with the whole city, burned by Vietnamese troops when the French entered and occupied Gia Dinh citadel.
    - 1860: The Phao people rebuilt a new market at that location with compartments built with brick pillars and leaves.
    - 7/1870: Due to the construction of rudimentary materials, 1 booth was burnt, so it was repaired as a brick column, but with more iron frames and more beautiful tiles.
    - In 1887, the canal next to this market was filled, the French created a great avenue named Charner, later Nguyen Hue Avenue.
    - In 1911: the market was destroyed, some areas were destroyed, the part due to being too old could collapse or fire at any time, the part of people also wanted to find a location to build a new market. After finding BoRet pond surrounded by 4 roads, the location is very good. The French filled up the pond and rebuilt the market in this place.
    - In 1912: started construction with the construction unit as contractor Brossard et Maupin (France) and completed in 2 years later.
    - In 1985: renovated some places but still kept the design and it was completed, as well as exists today. 

    Ben Thanh market - history of birthPhoto: @ fiona_6876

    Ancient architecture of Ben Thanh market

    Going through many different stages, each market's architecture period has its own change. The first stage is built with brick columns and thatched or simple leaves. When the second phase was rebuilt, there was an additional iron frame and tile roofing with a handful of stalls selling mainly fish, meat, food, groceries or staples. Coming to the new market today, the French built on a filled pond with an area of ​​more than 13,000 m2. The cage-style style is covered with the roofs above. 
    The most impressive feature in the architecture of this market is the prominent clock tower. Each side has a 4-way facing camera with 4 different ports with 12 auxiliary ports. Not only that, on each main gate, people also carve the ceramic reliefs made by the artists in Bien Hoa in 1952. If you pay attention, you will see on it are the pictures of the children.
    Talking about the design of Ben Thanh market is unique and rare places can be. Because it is surrounded by 4 paths equivalent to 4 gates or 4 different doors, showing considerable width. With each entrance you will have access to separate product sales areas. Typically as: 
    Cua Dong: located right on Phan Boi Chau street, inside, there are all kinds of cosmetics of different brands from luxury to popular. Besides, this area is also the destination of the sweets association with dozens of different types of cakes and candies. 
    West Gate: located on Phan Chu Trinh street, this area is for those who want to buy souvenirs or handicrafts, shoes, ...
    South Gate: Look above to see a clock tower with 3 main faces is this door. The South Gate, opposite the other side is Quach Thi Trang Square, inside is the area for selling fabrics and dry processed food. 
    Cua Bac: paradise of all kinds of fresh products, fruits and flowers located right on Le Thanh Ton street. 

    Guide to Saigon Ben Thanh Market

    The market is located in a crowded and bustling area, so you can choose to move to by many means. Some suggestions for you such as: 
    By bus: There are many routes running through and close to the market for you to choose such as: 01, 02, 03, 18, 19, 28, 36, 45, 53, 56, 65, 93, 109, 152, ...
    Travel by motorbike, car: drive according to the instructions of Google Maps, then park in the parking lot and walk in. For those who ride a motorbike, you can park them at parking lots such as Ham Nghi street, 23/9 park on Le Lai street, parking lot of Bitexco Saigon building  at 2 - Hai Trieu. With a car, outside Le Lai Street, you can also park it in the parking lot on the Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street. 

    Attractive things in Ben Thanh market

    It is not too much to say that this is the market with the largest scale in Vietnam today . With a large area, the number of booths and small merchants alone has increased to thousands. You can find a wide range of items for sale here, typically: fashion goods (shoes, bags, clothes), souvenirs, handicrafts, local specialty fruit cakes, fresh foods, vegetables,… Even the food areas of all kinds of fragrant fruit cakes always make you fascinated. 
    Not only has a unique architecture but small traders here are equally surprising about their ability to "shoot" foreign languages. Probably due to many foreign tourists, everyone knows a few words to greet buyers. This oldest market in Saigon, in addition to providing goods to serve people or tourists, is also a place to promote traditional culture of Vietnam to visitors everywhere. Inside, whether it is day or night, it is always crowded and bustling. 

    Ben Thanh Market - where rich cuisine is gathered

    It is not wrong to call this market a "paradise" for cuisine. Because when entering here you will be squinting with countless stalls selling all kinds of specialties from Asia to Europe. In addition to Vietnamese dishes, you can also easily find dishes from other countries such as Thailand, China, Korea, ... Menu from main course to dining, dessert to enjoy all day. 
    The dishes of Saigon , other regions in Vietnam or in the world are attractively processed for customers to enjoy exploring. Some suggestions you can refer to such as: 
    - Full dishes: rice dishes (broken rice with pork ribs, fried rice, ...), bread, vermicelli, spring rolls, pancakes, spring rolls, vermicelli, noodles, ...
    Play dishes : snails, mixed rice paper, broken water, filter cake, teas, fresh fruits, milk tea, coffee, soft drinks, ...

    The market is always bustling at night in the city named Uncle Ho

    Every day around 7 pm, the stalls in Ben Thanh market  will close, but you can still come to check in with the shimmering architecture and visit other stalls. Outside the street of Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh, the handmade stalls, souvenirs and clothes are always busy. Not only that, there are also bars selling drinks such as seafood, baked goods with beer and different types of water. Be here to see the brilliant scenery, have fun with your friends and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of this "sleepless city". 

    Note when visiting Ben Thanh market

    - The inside of the market opens to welcome guests at 7am and closes at 7pm. 
    - Crossing the street to the market or visiting around, remember to pay attention to the traffic because the streets here are always busy and crowded. 
    - It is a busy trading market, concentrating many buyers as well as tourists to visit. Therefore, when going in the market, do not forget to preserve your belongings and bags to avoid pickpocketing and theft. 

    Ben Thanh market - note when visitingPhoto: @ ladybug_diana85

    - Not only a traditional market but tourists, especially foreign tourists, are quite crowded, so the price is often competitive. When you shop here, don't be afraid to pay the price so you can buy the item you like with the best price. 
    - This market is quite wide, if you go through it, it will be difficult to feel its own beauty. Therefore, you are proud to spend your comfortable time visiting, buying souvenirs or enjoying the street food of this place. Not only that, after visiting the rental agreement can also combine to some other famous spots such as: Notre Dame Cathedral, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, ... 
    Traveling to Saigon , there are countless destinations to go and explore, but do not forget to take the time to explore this busy market one day. In order not to miss the memorable memories and most of all, visit, shop, eat and eat for your meaningful trip.

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