• Wandering on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos

    The Bolaven Plateau is one of the most beautiful in southern Laos. You can find the most beautiful things that nature has to offer here. The local people live in peace with different ethnic groups and they are always proud of what Mother Nature has given them. Ancient hills, tall trees, forests, cliffs and volcanoes, plus various local cuisines make the Bolaven plateau one of the best destinations in Laos for nature lovers.

    1. Visiting tea and coffee plantations 

    The Bolaven Plateau has tea and coffee farms, with most of it managed by the locals. Farms are open to visitors as a way of communicating to make their businesses more successful and generate greater sales profits.  
    Visitors can walk around the ranches and explore green tea and coffee plantations, and taste a cup of tea or coffee from the hands of the locals who brew them. There is even a chance to taste one of the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi luwak is made from the beans eaten, digested, and excreted by luwak - Asian palm civet. The coffee beans in the luwak dung will be washed and processed. Westerners often call this "cat dung coffee". With prices around $ 35-100 per cup, kopi luwak is named the most expensive coffee on the planet.


    2. Admire the Tad Fane double waterfall 

    Located in Dong Hua Sao National Park in the Bolaven Plateau , the Tad Fane double waterfall of Laos with an altitude of up to 140m falls straight into the valley day and night creating an extremely majestic and overwhelming sight. 
    Coming to Tad Fane double waterfall, you can enjoy the fresh air of the lush Paksong mountain forest, separated from the noisy life outside. Or if you love adventure games, you should take part in zipline slide flying through the valley with the most panoramic and clear view of this magnificent twin waterfall Tad Fane. 3. Explore the magnificent Tat Yuang waterfall


    3. Tat Yuang Waterfall

    Tat Yuang Waterfall is another beautiful natural place that attracts foreign and local tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of towns and cities.  
    Guests can swim in the natural pool below the waterfall - perfect for cooling off on a sunny day. There is also a walking trail nearby for those who enjoy walking.


    4. Visit other waterfalls on the plateau

    Other fascinating waterfalls of the plateau include the three nearby beauties Tat Lo, Tat Hang and Tat Soung. Some hiking trails are required to reach the falls, but the effort is more than worth it. 
    You can also treat yourself to a refreshing swim at Tat Lo. Tad Champee, though small, is another great waterfall with a large area for swimming and rafting. Tad E-Tu has a large restaurant and viewing area, and Tayicseua's stunning homestay has 15 impressive waterfalls on its land! Please note that you will have to walk and climb to see most of them. Don't miss the plateau's biggest waterfall: Tat Katamtok.

    5. Shop at local market

    The climate is cool all year round, fertile soil, and the Bolaven plateau is the cradle of the famous tea, coffee and rubber plantations of Laos. Going around these highland villages, the hospitality and friendliness of the Laotian people always leave many beautiful memories. You will forever remember the meal of rice balls with bat meat, salty salt, salty food under the rain of the forest with native people.
    wandering-on-high-nguyen-Bolaven-mien-south-country-lao-15The coffee

    There are many local markets scattered throughout the Bolaven Plateau, where locals come to buy and sell an assortment of products, and where tourists can buy authentic local souvenirs. From fresh produce to handicrafts and clothing, the market is full of personality.


    6. Explore traditional ethnic villages

    The population of the Bolaven Plateau is known for its hospitality towards visitors; People have no problem sharing their traditions and way of life with others. For travelers interested in discovering more about the different Laotian  cultures, the different ethnic villages are the perfect stopover on your regional tour.  
    Typical street images of a small village in the Bolaven plateau , classic Lao houses, children always watching tourists. Life in the village is so peaceful, they may not be rich, but you can read their faces a deep serenity that is nowhere to be seen. 


    7. Wander around 

    Laos continues to suffer remnants of war, with landmine / UXO areas still a major risk in some areas. The green plateau offers great opportunities for trekking in stunning vistas, but as is everywhere in Laos it is imperative that pedestrians stick to clearly marked roads. 
    In addition, there are many companies that offer guided hiking trips. You can enjoy the atmosphere, nature, picturesque scenery and lush green scenery led by experts who are knowledgeable in the area.


    8. One day at Wat Phou

    Surrounding this monument around 4000 large and small islands on the Mekong River called Siphandone. This complex has many ancient civilizations with sandstone castle relics, and is far from Theravada Buddhist temples. The image of the Mekong River flowing through this area is considered by the Lao as a potential rich sea surrounded by 9 mountains. 
    Wat Phou has a temple built in the 5th century and the surviving structures date from the 11th to 13th centuries. The temple carries a unique structure leading to another shrine, where a bathing linga is located. Water poured down from downstream streams in the ravine. This is also the site that used to be the worship center of the Venerable Venerable that still exists today.
    Wat Phou complex is a spiritual destination in Laos and is located right at the foot of the sacred mountain, also known as the Phou Kao Elephant Mountain. According to archaeologists and historians, this temple is the oldest and oldest in Laos, also once the center of Hinduism, worshiping the god Shiva. Buddhism, which exists up to now, has rich Lao cultural and historical value.


    9. Explore the area by motorbike

    Although this is not something I personally did, many tourists have time to independently explore the Bolaven plateau by renting a scooter. Several local towns offer affordable rentals and there are routes that travel between many major points of interest.  
    Having your own transportation makes it easy to access more difficult places without taking the tour. If you're an experienced and confident racer, renting a scooter and spending a few days exploring around the Bolaven Plateau can be a memorable experience. Don't forget to always wear the right helmet and clothing and never ride without the required insurance.  
    It seems we will not forget about the Bolaven Plateau at any time. Prepare well before you go and I am sure you will have an enjoyable adventure in the southern countryside of Laos. 

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