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    Houayxay (Huay Xai) is the capital of Bokeo province in Laos. Most Houayxay tourists are the stopover when coming to town because it has a great landscape for you to enjoy outdoor fun such as hiking, kayaking and cycling. Its laid-back setting appeals to those wishing to try some local beer, relax by the banks of the Mekong River and enjoy authentic Lao cuisine .

    Where is Houayxay

    Houayxay (Lao: ຫ້ວຍ ຊາຍ) is a district in the Bokeo province of Laos. This district is located on the Mekong River, and due to the alluvial of the Mekong River, there are endemic fruits such as tropical fruits such as Mac Ca, Mango, Orange, mandarin, .. .
    Opposite Thailand's Chiang Khong is the northernmost border line of the two countries. These two districts are connected by ferry. Houayxay is the end point of Highway 3 connecting Boten of Yunnan and Luangnamtha with Thailand.
    Houayxay has a domestic airport which has flights to Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The most popular means of transport are boats and ferries down the Mekong River to Pakbeng, Luang Prabang and elsewhere.

    Houayxay has a great opportunity for industrial development, agriculture, services and commercial development, especially with the smoke-free industry, tourism is Houayxay's strength if this strength is exploited. Houayxay does not have much difference. With natural and geographical conditions, endemic crops such as cocoa and pepper in lowland areas will still grow wet rice to ensure food security. From now to 10 years from now (2028) there will be some Mekong Delta residents going to Laos to live due to sea level rise.
    In terms of tourism development, due to the availability of waterways, roads and airways, tourist routes are easily connected, combining tourism, relaxation and visiting endemic routes. The problem is my marketing.

    There are also many experiences when traveling to Houayxay , especially if you are looking to experience local life in Laos. Check out this list of everything you need to know about Houayxay (Huay Xai). We also include some ideas on what to see and do during your visit.

    The best things to see and do in Houayxay 

    Ban Tom Lao is a village in Laos where you can explore lush rice fields and sample locally brewed wine. The alcohol content of this local wine depends on the fermentation period, but it is usually around 40%.
    In the village there are mobile houses made of wood. Residents here use wooden stakes and rocks as the foundation for their houses, helping to prevent termites from damaging and eroding moisture in the wood.
    The Fort Carnot is a French military structure dating back to the 1900s. After Laos gained independence in 1945, the fortress was used as a residence by the Royal Lao Army. Located on the top of the hill, however, to keep your kidneys safe, it is best not to go inside because the space is not safe to visit.

    Du-lich-Houayxay-tan-huong-cuoc-song-6See the sunset

    Jom Khao Manilat Temple is a 19th century temple built entirely from wood. Its vibrant colors resemble many of Jakarta's religious sites and structures. You can also explore a beer house, donated by former Prince Chaing Kong in 1548. The Jom Khao Manilat Temple overlooks the Mekong River, making it a popular spot for sunset viewing.
    Experience Gibbon features wooden tree houses and a 15km zipline network in Nam Kan National Park. Traveling to Houayxay , you must definitely participate in this exciting experience. It will take around 3 hours drive from Houayxay, plus a few hours trekking on forest trails to the zipline ski area. Gibbon Experience's tree houses are built on giant trees over 40 meters high - you can observe the wildlife below by gliding on the superb ziplines.

    Restaurants you can try while traveling to Houayxay 

    Most Houayxay restaurants serve the same dish, usually Lao, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, as well as fresh seafood. Hostels in Laos usually offer simple meals consisting of sticky rice, vegetables and meat dishes. 

    Shopping in Houayxay 

    Talat Sao is the morning market in Houayxay. This is a good place to shop for indigenous arts, souvenirs and gifts, as well as fresh produce. Talat Sao is located south of Houayxay, near the bus stop, you can take the bus to go shopping every morning.

    How to get to Houayxay 

    From the capital Vientiane, there are three different ways to get to Bokeo. If traveling by air, there are 3 flights a week with a journey of more than an hour flying to Huay Xay airport. But because Bokeo is entirely in the high mountains, there is a lot of fog in the end of the year cold season, and it is difficult to land, so flights are often delayed.
    The waterway starts from Luang Prabang, completely upstream of the Mekong by motor boat or speedboat. The road from Vientiane along Highway 13 to the north is about 900km to Huay Xay.
    If you take the bus in the Laos Laos tour for almost 30 hours: the day before departs at 5:00 pm, the bus runs both night and day, and 22:00 the next day to Bokeo. The bus driver in Laos obeys the road traffic laws very well: not overtaking, absolutely not honking loudly, walking on their own part of the road and especially there is no "prison" scene for passengers on the routes long road. 
    Traveling to Houayxay by bus is usually the best way - there's a bus that departs from Luong Namtha every morning at 9:30 a.m. The journey takes around 5 hours and you will be dropped off at 2km from the town center.

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