• Travel experience in Laos: means of transportation, where to go, what to eat?

    Find out useful Laos travel experiences to learn more about the neighboring "Million Voi country" and plan yourself with memorable trips.

    Travel experience Laos: Which season is the most beautiful?

    In a year the weather in Laos is divided into 3 different periods:
    - From the end of March to May, it starts to enter the dry season, when it is quite hot with very high temperatures. Since Laos is not bordered by the sea, the dry season in this country is even more extreme.

    - From May to October is the rainy season, the weather is erratic and easily affects the travel trip.
    - From November to March next year, according to Laos travel experience , this is the best time to come to this country because the weather is very cool for outing. In particular, in March in Laos, there are also many major and important festivals of the year. Should come here this occasion will have more interesting experiences.

    Some necessary things should be prepared

    Laos is very close to Vietnam, and life has many similarities. However, after choosing the right time to travel, you should also prepare all necessary supplies for the trip.
    - Bring passport, mobile sim and kip of Laos, USD money (can be exchanged and purchased at the border)
    Laos travel experience is normal weather, the temperature is quite hot, so you should prepare a full hat, sunglasses, jacket, sunscreen, flu medicine and especially mosquito spray on arrival.
    - Prepare comfortable clothes and shoes for easy mobility. One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is a large Buddhist culture and many temples. Should dress discreetly, avoid revealing especially in the sacred areas.

    Travel experience

    - Move to Laos: If you want to go to your country to go out, the procedure is very simple, just holding your passport is able to go today. You can choose to travel by plane from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh to Vientiane or some other big cities. Choose airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Laos Airlines or Thai Airway, ... but the number of flights is quite small and the cost for a round-trip is also expensive. 
    Or go by car, motorbike, coin bus through the border gates: Lao Bao, Na Meo, Nam Can, Bo Y, ... connecting with Laos, this road will be cheaper and more active. Depending on each day and the number of times to Laos, the entry fee will vary, ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 VND. 
    - Vehicles in Laos: There is no taxi service here, so if you cannot rent a private car, you can choose to go by tuk tuk or bus. Tuk tuk cars cannot go long distances and should go many people to be cheaper. If you take the bus, you should buy a ticket at the station counter before you get on so you won't be charged high prices.

    Experience in staying when traveling to Laos

    If traveling on tour, there is a reservation service, but for those traveling self-sufficient, you can book in advance with reputable online booking sites. From small hotels to 5-star hotels or homestays, ... are very diverse for you to choose from. Room rental costs are also quite similar in Vietnam, suggesting some hotels such as: Lucky Backpackers Hostel, Moonlight Champa, Ibis Vientiane Nam Phu Hotel, ...

    Visit famous places in Laos

    1. Capital of Vientiane

    The capital of Laos is always a destination that contains many attractions for tourists. From busy centers to landmarks, ancient pagodas have features that urge visitors to explore.

    "Triumphal arch" - Patuxai

    Built in 1958, this is an architectural work of great historical and artistic significance of the Lao capital. This is a place to commemorate soldiers and soldiers in Laos in the wars for independence for the country. The combination of two Asian - European styles creates a unique, bold Arc de Triumphe from Paris, above details and patterns that are characteristic of Laos. Lao travel experience is that you should come at night when the lights are beautifully lit.

    The symbol of Laos - Pha That Luong 

    Located in the center of the capital, Lao people see this place as a symbol of their country. This world cultural heritage preserves the relics of Buddha and also appears on the national emblem and paper money. This relic has a design with a central tower and many small surrounding towers, the outside is inlaid with gold. Note that when visiting here, remember to dress politely and discreetly.

    Buddha Park - Buddha Park

    Called the Buddha's Garden because it has more than 200 typical statues of Buddhism, Hinduism, gods, demons, ... divided by floor. The extremely attractive sightseeing place simulates the layers of Heaven, Earth and Hell in a mysterious wilderness. Lao travel experience here you can go by tuktuk or take bus number 14 at Talat Sao market.

    Visiting the temples

    In addition to the historical sites and sightseeing places, coming to Vientiane cannot miss the opportunity to visit famous temples. If Phra Keo pagoda is like a museum with precious and rare sculptures and treasures. Sisaket Temple impresses with the ancient colors of thousands of Buddha statues and rare pottery. Or take part in a good luck ceremony at Si Muang Pagoda, ...

    2. Vangvieng 

    Different from the quiet atmosphere at the temples, Vangvieng will be a new journey full of experience for you. The lovely town is surrounded by a green color of vast mountains and fields. Pointing in there are simple houses that create a picture of a landscape full of poetic and peaceful. When visiting Laos, do not forget to watch the sunrise and sunset hidden behind the mountains in the South.
    Not only that, there is also a clear blue lagoon, exploring mysterious caves, climbing mountains. For those who love movement, you can participate in games such as bungee jumping, kayaking, hot air balloon ride experience, panoramic mountain ... In Vangvieng, you can find yourself the interesting thing that suits me.

    3. The ancient capital of Luang Prabang

    Luang Pha Bang used to be the ancient capital located in the north of Laos. Not only is it a beautiful city, it also owns many heritages and unique sightseeing places. Sharing about Laos travel experiences , anyone wants to come here in their itinerary.

    Kuang Si Waterfall

    This is the place for those who love and want to be in harmony with nature. This site has a waterfall up to 60 meters high pouring into clear blue lakes. You can come here to explore the forests, listen to the hot birds, immerse yourself in the cool water. Enjoy peaceful moments in peaceful, wild forests.

    experience-travel-lich-lao-thac-kuang-siPhoto: @ msk.28329

    Mount Phou Si

    Phou Si, also known as the color mountain, with Laos travel experience, this will be the place where you can have a panoramic view of Luang Prabang as well as the Nam Khan river below. Especially from here, you can watch the beautiful sunset. At the top, there is the tower That Chom Si 20m high and the ancient temple.

    Xieng Thong Temple

    Coming to Luang Prabang, you cannot ignore the large temple with the most impressive beauty here. The traditional architecture of Laos is shown through the curved roof at the top, where it is intricately carved with large Buddha statues. Ancient space surrounded by romantic green is a place for you to find moments of relaxation and peace for yourself.

    Royal Palace

    According to Laos tourism experience, this is the place for you to learn about the unique architecture as well as history and culture of this country. Palace built by the French colonialists can see many outstanding features of Paris architecture.

    4. Xieng Khuang

    Field of Jars

    For those who love to travel to Laos , surely they already know this famous place. Not only that, but this place is also of great significance to archaeologists because throughout the field - once a battlefield against the fierce US, there are thousands of jars estimated to be up to 2,000 years old. Unique setting that no one has found the answer to about its origin.

    Muong Kham

    Famous for its pristine scenery, mysterious caves. Revealing the Laos tourism experience, you should come here to rest because there are hot springs of Bo Noi and Bo Nhay, which attract tourists all year round. The serene scenery of the countryside makes this a beautiful place to rest. 

    That Foun Tower

    The tower was built more than 300 years ago at an altitude of over 30 meters, charming poetic nature. This place also contains many mysterious stories about Buddha. Every year, many Buddhist pilgrims come here to visit chanting, pray for good luck. 

    Eating, shopping like?

    In addition to traditional dishes, Laos cuisine is also changing today with many dishes like Vietnam or Thailand, ... Some attractive dishes that you can try such as:sticky rice from Laos, sausage dish, Khausoy, pho Laos, papaya salad, grilled chicken, ...in restaurants or restaurants specializing in traditional Lao dishes. Especially not to forget to enjoy the famous beer Laos. 
    Laos also has night markets for you to visit and buy gifts for your loved ones. You can choose from one of the following items such as: handmade jewelry, specialties or clothing, traditional textiles, ... Remember to bargain when buying and preview the opening time of the market that you are coming.

    Some other note

    - Avoid intimate actions and touch, pat your head with Lao people, especially women because this can be understood as an act of disregard for that person. People who meet each other often bow, but rarely have the habit of shaking hands in this country.
    - When coming to the temple, the pagoda should pay attention to dress discreetly and properly to avoid revealing. Do not make any noise and remember to keep your shoes outside. Avoid sitting near or touching the monks, sitting away from them when meeting in the car.
    - Not entering a village or certain house in Laos without permission without permission. If there is a sign prohibiting taking pictures, you must strictly comply with if you do not want to be invited out.
    - Prepare all papers and comply with traffic rules if renting a motorbike to travel in Laos because of Laos ' travel experience, the police here work very hard. 
    Although it does not stand out with lavish or busy entertainment spots. But Laos still impresses tourists with its distinctive culture, cuisine and architecture. Hopefully, with the above experiences, you will have a meaningful trip and a lot of experiences full of laughter.

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