• Top 10 cafes in Luang Prabang are the most popular

    After the coffee lovers' trip, they found the 10 most popular cafes in Luang Prabang . Take a look at the list below to keep in your travel handbook about a trip that calls for the aroma of strong coffee each morning in Laos.
    Coffee has become a staple of Laos since it was introduced by French colonialism in the early twentieth century. Coffee is currently the largest agricultural export and the Bolaven Plateau is one of the most fertile regions for coffee growing. 

    1. Pasaneyom Coffee Shop

    Did you come to Laos to experience Laotian culture ? If that's the case, then this is one of the most local and authentic places to sit down and sip a cup of hot coffee for the early morning morning. You can even chat with a Laotian beside you while relaxing, smiling with them and gazing at the traditional space of the Pasaneyom cafe. Pasaneyom Coffee Shop is not a place for you to sit and look at your laptop or the letters running down the newspaper because it is a space that connects people together. Put down your phone to immerse yourself in the space of old nostalgia. 


    2. Café de Laos 

    Perhaps this cafe is not suitable for budget travelers or experience tourists because the cafe's menus are in English and paid in dollars. However, if you are a coffee connoisseur, then this is one of the few places in Laos where they do everything very carefully to produce the perfect coffee drops. 
    Just outside the main street next to Wat Sen, you can spot a row of French presses and espresso pots lined up on their counter. Café de Laos serves Luong Pha Bang's best tasting coffees. The baristas here select the source of coffee beans from different regions in Laos. When you order, they will take you to choose the coffee you want, then they will use the fresh beans to squeeze into a cup of pure coffee. Café de Laos not only gives you a very cozy atmosphere, but also a very valuable coffee experience.

    3. Le Café Ban Vat Sene


    10-member-of-the-mountain-bang-bang-bang-to-love-in-loveColonial style cafe right near Sisavangvonh Road


    This is a colonial-style cafe just off Sisavangvonh Road. Connecting to the high-end MHlephant restaurant just two blocks away, this place will definitely feel more class than the cafes in Luang Pha Bang you have been to before. In particular, the price here is very attractive because with only 9,000 kip, you get a cup of coffee served in a lovely vase, equivalent to about two cups of coffee. You can order a freshly baked toast for 6,000 kip (add butter or jam for an additional 6,500 kip each). This is also a great place to take your laptop with you to get work done or read the news.

    4. Saffron

     The story of Saffron Coffee is one that deserves to be shared. The H'mong, Khamu and Yao (Mien) people living in the highlands cannot grow typical crops, but are often husband everywhere. They turned to opium cultivation as a way to earn income until the government banned the crop. One researcher realized that these mountainous regions would be perfect for coffee cultivation, and then Saffron was born. Saffron buys all the coffee grown from these ethnic minority areas to provide them with a steady monthly income. Regardless of visitors visiting the restaurant, they will request an espresso or an Americano because it has a very strong flavor. This coffee shop has 2 facilities, you can go to the shop near the Mekong region, not the place near the night market to feel the flow of life slowly flowing with the water. 

    5. Joma

    If you're a tourist, you won't be able to stop at at least one of the two Joma Coffee shops set up around town. A cool air-conditioned space, a delicious cup of coffee at a reasonable price will be a great place to start your day. What many people feel a bit disappointed here is the wifi signal pass, it is not stable. Joma's coffees are light bar, but not quite as flavorful as elsewhere around town. Many people's favorite part about Joma is that they sometimes have a plate with a 50% discount on old daily pastries. It's a pretty good option for someone traveling on a tight budget. 

    6. Le Banneton Café 

    Near the end of the peninsula on the main road, Le Banneton Cafe is quietly opposite Wat Sop. It is called 'French Bakery' because it sells many delicious baked goods. Traffic is mostly inactive in this area, so it's an ideal space for those who hate the noise while enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning. Meny of the restaurant are used in French and translated into English. In particular, there is no wifi connection here, but only a stack of Western magazines to read. This place is suitable for groups of friends who like to talk and gather together to discuss something without internet access. 

    7. 96 Coffee

    96 Coffee is located in the central area of ​​Luang Prabang, but this should not discourage you from coming here. 96 Coffee is also located outside of Luong Pha Bang Hotel just a few meters away. Their coffee is not the cheapest in Luang Prabang, but the atmosphere is comfortable enough to spend a few hours here relaxing. The bar's interior has a free computer for internet access, some leather chairs and comfortable outdoor seating to enjoy your coffee. 96 Coffee is open until 9pm, later than many cafes in Luong Pha Bang. Their internet is also pretty fast, and there are daily newspapers here to keep you up to date on all things Laos. Americano of 96 coffees really has a great taste and is close to Joma.

    8. Pilgrim's Café

    Pilgrim's Cafe serves a delicious 'bottomless' cup of espresso (only 12,000 kip) and has a very fast and reliable internet connection. They also have a great deal for breakfast: French toast and coffee for just 16,000 kip. This is definitely a perfect breakfast combo for those who are always busy with work early in the morning. The staff here are very friendly too, and they have a wide variety of Western dishes to choose from.

    9. Cafe Silk Road

    Silk Road Cafe has been mentioned by many tourists because this is a great place to enjoy a quiet coffee on the Mekong River. You can also stop for a free tour of their silk process, take a silk dyeing class, eat a great breakfast, or come here for lunch with some of the signature Western dishes. They have papers that seem to be stored daily, and their wifi is great too. The only downside of Silk Road Cafe is that they are not open for dinner, so the cafe closes earlier than other locations in Luong Pha Bang. It's also a bit further from the city center than these other reviewed cafes, but that shouldn't discourage you from going here and trying out what Ock Pop Tok's Silk Road Cafe has to offer.

    10. Dao Coffee

    Located right next to Amantaka, it is not surprising that it has the same decor as a 5-star hotel lobby. The first time entering, you will feel a very elegant and luxurious space. A unique aspect of their menu is that all their hot drinks (whether it's cappuccino, Americaano, espresso, etc.) cost 15,000 kip, and similarly 20,000 kip for almost all drinks. Dao Coffee closes at 6pm. The atmosphere is very quiet, and it would be a great place to get things done with your computer because free wifi is available here. 

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