• The experiences in Luang Prabang you should try once

    The former royal capital of Luang Pha Bang has many natural wonders, cultural values ​​and fun activities that you can hardly ignore. Here are the experiences in Luang Prabang you must try once.

    Tak Bat in Luang Prabang

    With more than 80 temples and thousands of monks, Luang Pha Bang has become a tourist destination for visitors who want to participate in the monk alms ceremony every morning. From 5:30 am to 6am on the Sisavangvong street or neighboring streets, a long line of monks and novices dressed in red and orange go for alms. 
    Visitors can stand to worship or join the local people to worship food and flowers for monks. If you participate in this ritual, respect the monks and only be allowed to take pictures from afar. 

    One day as a craftsman 

    Right on the banks of the Mekong River, Luang Pha Bang's Ock Pop Tok Live Handicraft Center always welcomes visitors to visit and experience in Luang Pha Bang . Come here to see silkworms fluttering and meet weavers. Try your best to become a craft weaver. Enjoy a meal or drink at Silk Road Cafe on site. Admire the astonishing handcraft of weavers from all over Laos on display in their shops in the Craft Center or in the store in town. The expenses they collect will be focused on supporting local weavers and keeping the art of textile in Laos thriving.

    Learn cooking

    Tamarind restaurant located on Nam Khan always opens a cooking class for visitors who want to try the experience in Luang Prabang . Day classes are longer and evening cooking classes and all classes take place in Me Garden, an idyllic outdoor setting surrounded by lilies. Participants will kick off the lesson with a trip to the market to buy ingredients for dishes like lemongrass chicken, jeow sauce, and mango sticky rice. If you are vegetarian, inform your guide in advance as a vegan menu is available for you.

    Visit the dairy farm


    The girls-in-the-row-bang-you-to-be-3Visit the dairy farm


    Spend a day on a science trip to the rich farm, home to the famous Buffalo ice cream, coffee, milk and eggs. Enjoy one of these delicious cakes as you take a walk around the local community. Visit and feed the chickens and cows, and you might have a chance to learn how to milk cows too. Meet and interact with healthy pigs that occupy a space with organic floors absorbing all odors, so we have an odorless pigpen. Explore the traditional design of Lao textiles with a visit to the Lady Lao Textile Village or see the delicate Kuang Si Waterfall. This is the largest waterfall in the Luang Pra Bang area with three floors leading the waterfall at an altitude of 50 meters into beautiful blue lakes before flowing downstream. Locals as well as tourists come to this mysterious paradise to have a great time swimming in the beautiful lake. After a relaxing swim, your guide will escort you back to the city.

    Out of town

    With so many beautiful hiking trails, natural features and unspoiled landscapes, the opportunities for outdoor recreation seem endless. Book a tour and start your day in Luang Prabang like a kayaking, rock climbing or cycling adventure. If you are not interested in taking the tour, you can rent a bicycle and motorbike to explore the surroundings for yourself. Wear a helmet and bring your camera to capture all the beautiful moments here. 

    Pak Ou Caves

    Park Ou Caves. Located on the Mekong River more than 25km from the city center, Park Ou is a cave complex consisting of Tham Ting (low cave) and Tham Theung (high cave). A special feature is that the cave contains more than 4,000 large and small Buddha statues, with all shapes and materials. Legend has it that this is the place where Lao people kept the statue when the city was invaded by foreign invaders. Ticket price: 20,000 kip. 

    Relax your mind and body in Avanispa

    AVANISPA is located at the AVani Hotel in downtown Luang Pha Bang, rebranded in March 2018 at the hotel formerly known as Azerai. AVANIFit emphasizes lifestyle elements that focus on a healthy body and mind, including the gym and daily yoga classes at the on-site studio. There is a swimming pool and pool bar. The spa offers two single rooms and two double treatment rooms with a shared relaxation lounge.

    Visiting rice fields

    In Laos, the majority of people still grow rice. Participating as a farmer is an experience in Luang Prabang that you cannot ignore. The farm is located in an idyllic mountain setting on a terraced field. Learn how to beat rice and bundles of rice, join the Laotians and try their best to plow the soil with a buffalo plow. An on-site restaurant serving Lao food beautifully prepared on a balcony overlooking the field. If you like the farm to the point where you don't want to leave, a homestay option is available for overnight.

    Visit the National Museum

    For those who love history and culture, it is impossible not to visit the National Museum of Luang Prabang on Sakkaline Road. This place preserves a multitude of mementos of the Lao dynasties with gifts from international visitors. Admission fee is 30,000 kip (more than 80,000 VND).

    Walking the night market

    Luang Prabang Night Market is a must-see for all visitors. Each restaurant sells fragrant food from grilled river fish, grilled chicken to specialty Laos sausages. All hold on to all the devotees of Lao cuisine . Besides, you can buy colorful brocade scarves, beautiful sparkling silver rings ... to make gifts for friends and relatives.

    Sip coffee in Laos

    If you like quiet or need space to calm your soul, you absolutely can go to the pretty little cafes in the old town. Order a proper cup of Lao coffee, sip in classical French music and watch the old city streets, life will be less busy and crowded.

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