• Discover the features of Lao cuisine

    Typical of Lao cuisine has the style of neighboring countries but has its own unique features!
    Compared to famous countries for tourism in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Cambodia, Laos - this landlocked country often attracts less tourists. Islands on the Mekong River, cloud gardens or ancient temples seem to be the tourist characteristics of this country. Along with that, the characteristic of Lao cuisine is also very interesting, but often underestimated compared to other countries in the region. If you travel to Laos once , you will completely change your mind because this place because the Laos cuisine is so rich!

    The characteristic of Lao cuisine is manifested in the variety of dishes

    Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the region. The country has H'mong people living in remote mountainous areas in the north; the Kahu and Alak peoples of the south; the Katang people in the central part of the country and the Tai with a colonial history with French and Japanese influence. Therefore, Laos is a country with the most diverse dishes from fresh baguettes to fermented fish and many unique soy sauce.

    Discover the features of Lao cuisineLao dishes are quite diverse

    Unique laap of Lao cuisine

    Laap is the national dish of Laos but it can be said that Laap Lao is a unique adaptation of similar dishes found across Thailand, Vietnam and China, but it has a unique flavor. 
    The meat in Laap is always fresh and often raw, laap is minced meat mixed with fish sauce along with many herbs (usually mint, coriander, scallions, chili, etc.). Add some lemon juice and some glutinous rice flour and you're done.
    Laap is a typical dish  of La o cuisine because it has the same reading as "loc" in Lao, so it is considered a dish of great significance in the culinary life of the people here. They often give each other Laap to wish peace and good luck on Tet holiday. 

    Sindat Lao-style barbecue is similar to Korean barbecue

    Sindat somewhat resembles Korean barbecue Traditional Lao steaks are usually grilled on a charcoal stove and surrounded by a rim full of boiling water used to simultaneously blanch your vegetables. The dishes are baked on the tray, the whole sweetness is not lost, but flows down the pot of hot pot water below for more attractive.
    It is one of the characteristics of superb Lao cuisine  . However, the best thing about a sindat is that you can dip bite-sized pieces of meat into a variety of delicious sauces. 
    The ingredients of this dish must be very fresh, the broth is rich and has a very unique taste to convince the demanding diners. You can both roast the meat while dipping the vegetables, without having to change the oven and still be able to enjoy both at the same time. 

    Laos has first-class sauces

    Lao cuisine has a lot of different spices and Jaew is the word used to refer to all kinds of sauces, of which the main ingredients are regular chili, fermented fish, some grilled vegetables (usually smoked eggplant smoke) and pork or cattle. Dipping sauces complement everything on the food menu in Laos. Jaew is a delicious culinary experience that you must try while in Laos. 

    Food for breakfast in Laos

    Most Southeast Asian countries love a delicious breakfast water, and khao piak sen - a signature dish of Lao cuisine is a must try in the morning in Laos.
    This dish takes hours to prepare but can be found on almost every street corner. Like Vietnamese pho eaten with rice noodles, in Laos it is thick rice flour and rolled by hand. In addition, the broth is very smooth and smooth like the sauce is also a feature of this dish. This dish is also added to your own herbs, red pepper, shrimp paste and crushed peanuts for a characteristic flavor.

    Lao cuisine is influenced by France

    Due to the history of Laos being once a French colony, the snails and baguettes here are called tres bien. Laos gained independence from France in 1953 but its influence, especially in Vientiane, can still be felt. Vientiane city is the best place if you want to eat some butter, cheese and garlic with so many French cafes and restaurants, many people will probably find it unfamiliar with this  characteristic of Lao cuisine . .

    Laos is home to world-class beer 

    Time magazine named the Lao beer 'The Best Beer in Asia', the Bangkok Post has named it 'Dom Perignon of Asia'! Made with indigenous rice varieties, German hops and French barley, Bia Lao boasts an ultra-low impact rate of alcohol on the body. Since 1973, this brewery has had a win-win partnership with Carlsberg beer for over four decades and is a must-try drink in Laos.

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