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    Located at the southernmost tip of Laos is the vast Si Phan Don archipelago, dubbed the "land of 4,000 islands" as beautiful as a water-color painting. Located on the border with Cambodia, these islands are an interesting destination for a landlocked country. Discovering Si Phan Don will bring interesting experiences to visitors because there are also rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins. 

    The first day

    Before exploring Si Phan Don,  you step foot on an island, go to the Khone Phapheng waterfall viewing area on the mainland. Feel the power of the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia tumbling down from a rapids. Several restaurants, footpaths and a manicured garden make Khone Phapheng a perfect destination for the 4000 Islands and a great way to spend a morning here. Return to Nakasang village to take the ferry to Don Som, Don Khong or Don Det. 
    Traveling to Don Khone Island will bring visitors interesting experiences when immersing and exploring majestic nature. Don Khone Island is known as a "cheap resort paradise" because the room price ranges from 40,000 to 150,000 VND / night. The rooms are assembled from wooden boards, built right next to the river. There are only beds, thin mattresses and mosquito nets inside, but that is enough for those who want to find a pristine, quiet life.
    However, according to Laos travel experience, if you need cash, go to an ATM in town to withdraw money before going. Because, only in Don Khong there are two ATMs, not in other islands. And like the rest of Laos, payment cards cannot be swiped.
    If you're on a motorbike, cross the bridge to Don Khong and check out the landscape and enjoy the village life. Cycling around the island to visit the temples and see rice fields and the Mekong is a great way of early afternoon. Once you have explored Si Phan Don  take a ferry, which will ride motorbikes and bikes, but not cars, to Don Det.

    len-lich-virgin-kham-phan-don-don-nao-1Wandering in the fields

    Welcome to island life! Find yourself a riverside bungalow (abundant and some of the cheapest in Laos) and spend some time wandering in a hammock. Walk around town and rent a bike or rent a tuk tuk to take you to the French-built bridge between Don Det and Don Khon (not to be confused with Don Khong) to see the splendid sunset on the river.
    Get in on the nocturnal atmosphere here, at least until the island is in darkness around 11pm. Instead, find a good relaxing spot, sip a fun cocktail and enjoy the sounds of life. While cannabis and drugs are legally illegal, they are sold and sold publicly in Don Det.  


    Days left

    Wake up early in the morning to see the spectacular sunrise east or by the Shady's seaside, if you can wake up at 6 a.m., have breakfast at Kea, and ask the hotel staff to book a tour Visit the small Muslim waterfall (Liphi), kayak and see dolphins for you. If you don't like group tours, you can definitely organize these on your own. However, the weather in Laos is quite hot, when exploring Si Phan Don , or protect your skin by sunscreen and seasoned shirts.
    You can rent a bike for 10,000 kip (about $ 1.25 USD) and cycle to Liphi Falls in the northwestern part of Don Khon. Paying an entrance fee of 35,000 kip, they will grant you access to restaurants, view areas and bars near the beach where you can take a scenic stroll here or swim at the foot of the falls. 
    Bike, tuk tuk or motorbike ride to the beach on Don Khon southwest coast, and you will be greeted by friendly boat drivers who will take you out for a dolphin tour for an hour. 
    Want to experience one of the most exciting things in Don Khone Island, visitors need a little more luck, it is the journey to "hunt" for the endemic Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins of the Mekong River. In the world, this dolphin only appears in 3 places: Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Mahakam River in Indonesia and Mekong River. In 2004, this freshwater dolphin was included on the list of highly endangered animals. Therefore, not always visitors can see with their own eyes Irrawaddy dolphins when visiting Don Khone Island. But if you are lucky enough, you will be able to admire the beautiful and unforgettable images as the dolphins dive and bounce on the water.
    On the island, there is very little clean water, so every afternoon, the water stations become bustling and bustling when people start to cook rice, bathe and wash. The dinner at the riverside restaurants became strangely delicious and comfortable. That is when you feel the sweet and juicy sticky sticky rice, the aroma of grilled fish and enjoy the famous Lao beer jar and watch the river surface glistening with lights.
    The transportation options to explore Si Phan Don and from here north to visit Pakse or south into Cambodia leave in the morning, so plan to stay for at least another night and hop on the ferry first to land. The hostel sells ferry / bus combo tickets. Immigrating on the Cambodian border is easy, so don't be fooled by someone trying to make money by helping you with the paperwork. 

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