• The beauty of the old town of Lunenburg Canada

    Lunenburg's Old town is the most beautiful seaside town in Nova Scotia Province, Canada. In 1995, USNESCO recognized Lunenburg as a World heritage. This is the destination you must be visiting in your visit to explore the beautiful country of Canada. Pocket travel to Lunenburg Canada for the best experience!
    Lunenburg Canada owns a picturesque beauty, colourful waterfront, narrow streets, and old-world architecture that helped Lunenberg to radiate a strange, seductive attraction of how many tourists are arriving.

    1. About the old town of Lunenburg Canada

    Lunenburg's Old Town, Nova sotica Province, Canada, sits peacefully on the Atlantic coast of North America. Lunenburg has a fairly long history when it was founded in 1753. The town was named in honor of King Georger II of England, and also the Duke of Brunswick Lunenburg.
    Over nearly three centuries, Lunenburg retains its ancient beauty with its unique architecture. That is because of the very good conservation policies of the Government, and that is why it is also the reason that Lunenburg became a UNESCO World Heritage SITE in 1995.
    Lunenburg's signature is a harbor town with fishing boats anchored throughout the river. The main occupation of the local population is shipbuilding and sea-catching seafood.

    2. The beauty of the old town of Lunenburg Canada

    The tourist attraction of this ancient town comes from the unique architecture with wooden houses built in the English style, which are painted with outstanding colors, brilliant, bring the beauty full of vitality to this place.

    Xuyến xao trước vẻ đẹp tựa tranh vẽ của phố cổ Lunenburg CanadaThe beach bungalows are painted brightly coloured

    Looking out from the port Lunenburg you will find a beautiful setting like a picturesque one, with colorful roofs mixed with the undulating sailing boats on the water. The beauty of Lunenburg Canada will surely cause you to be silly and let the food look.
    Walking around town you will encounter many of the breath-inspiring structures of time, and the magic is that they are preserved, kept very well.
    Lunenburg's Old Town offers a peaceful, romantic charm, with trees and hills appearing heavily throughout the town.
    The people here are extremely friendly and hospitable. With a permanent sunny smile on the lips.
    The lighthouse is also a special highlight for the beauty of Lunenburg's Old Town. The majority of these lighthouses are constructed long ago, experiencing the ups and downs of the ancient ages, such as the old Town of the town.
    Get to see the beauty of the town at sunrise, sunset, or when the lights are also one of the unforgettable experiences in the tourists ' hearts.
    The culture of Lunenburg is also known for its incredibly distinctive and unique Canadian music and festivals.

    3. What to play when you travel to Lunenburg Canada?

    According to the Lunenburg Canada Travel Experience, below will be a list of the most amazing experiences you should try when you arrive here.
    Walk around the old Town
    Enjoy the ancient but equally beautiful beauty of Lunenburg's Old town is the first thing you do when you come here. The tour guide will tell you about the special history of this place.

    Explore the Atlantic Fisheries Museum
    Housed in a bright red building on the banks of the Lunenburg River, the Atlantic Fisheries Museum is very recognizable. Inside, you will be admired for a large aquarium, along with exhibitions of great looks. Climb aboard the Theresa E Armored fishing vessel to explore.
    Visiting Lunenburg Academy
    This is where visitors can learn about the town's history. The building is located atop the Gallow Hill, which was built in the 19th century, and remains intact so far.
    Visit the Newburne Winery
    The winery is located in the small village of Newburne, surrounded by the picturesque Acadia Forest. You can visit the vineyard and taste the famous fruit wine.
    Farmers Market in Lunenburg
    Farmers Market Lunenburg is a traditional Community market, open every Thursday morning. Here, you will get to enjoy the finest food from the local.
    Enjoy street food
    Seafood in Lunnenburg will surely make you have to be a Baptist, especially a famous lobster, or a seafood pizza. Enjoy the dishes accompanied by wine, which will stimulate your taste.
    Lunnenburg's restaurants are beautifully located by the port of worship, what's more wonderful when enjoying dinner as delicious Canadian cuisine and overlooking the magnificent harbor view
    Experience adventure on the coast
    Yes, this is a great experience in the port town of Lunenburg. You can choose to go on a boat, sea fishing, whale watching, or a kayaking trip. 


    With its colourful houses, windy lighthouses, historic villages and rugged coastline, Lunenburg's Old Town is one of Canada's most stunning landscapes. In addition to the beauty of the natural landscape, the unique culture with a blend of traditional English, Scottish and French cultures and hospitable people here have made Lunenburg a top destination for tourists who love.

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