• Release your soul to find some peace in the resort Gao Giong

    Go to Gao Giong resort with lush melaleuca forest, birds chirping. Boating crept through the canals, relaxing his soul floating.

    Some information and directions to Gao Giong tourist resort

    Located 17 km from the center of Cao Lanh city in Dong Thap province, this eco-tourist site in Gao Giong commune is a favorite place for tourists to visit the West. Established in 2013, this is not only a nature reserve with a system of Melaleuca forests and rare creatures. This resort is also a place to relax and find about the peaceful moments of the peaceful countryside.
    From a mere abandoned wasteland, Gao Giong tourist area is renovated and developed by the people and local authorities. Now this place is not only the home of birds and storks. But it also becomes a familiar destination for tourists everywhere with immense green fields, smooth red channels full of silt, or lush orchards.
    This tourist area is not far from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so tourists often visit. From TP. Cao Lanh has 2 roads here for you to choose.
    - Firstly, going in the direction of Binh Tri Bridge to Gao Giong, the road straight to the car is quite easy but a bit clogged.
    - Secondly, from Cao Lanh city, go to Gao Giong tourist area in the direction of going through Tan Nghia commune, then going to the fork of Gao Giong commune will have a signboard. You just need to turn in and follow about 3km to get there. This section goes through two side roads full of beautiful green trees, but if traveling by car, it is a bit small, it is difficult to avoid each other.

    What about Gao Giong tourist area?

    After a short journey to this resort will open before you a beautiful and surprisingly beautiful scenery. There are the breeze, the sound of birds, the sound of flowing water ... all the sounds and images make the soul become strangely relaxed.

    Experience close to nature

    Gao Giong tourist site costs VND 10,000 / adult fairly cheap, children are free. Boat ticket 15,000 VND / person, to visit Melaleuca forest. Buying a ticket inside the gate, you will be invited to enjoy tea flavored with lotus seeds and roasted lotus seeds. These are wild specialties that people harvest and made by manual methods so very delicious. 
    After that, you will be going to the observatory higher than 18 meters. From here, the view is far away from the peaceful countryside with immense rice fields. The beauty of the old Melaleuca forest and especially closing your eyes will breathe the scent of Melaleuca flowers marinated in the alluvial breeze. The quintessential features of heaven and earth that you enjoy when coming to this resort.
    Coming to Gao Giong tourist area, an interesting experience not to be missed is sitting on three-leaf boats, weaving through the winding canal. Sitting on the boat, the boat was worn by the Western women in the lady's shirt, wearing a helmets to navigate through the melaleuca forests like a maze. With your hand down is the cool water, face up to see the blue sky through each branch.
    On the channel just drop soul into the ancient folk songs, heard about the legend and information about the melaleuca forest. And take you to the unique bird sanctuary area, this tourist area is home to 150 species of birds, including vultures, cauldron, le le, gong, beauty, ... Each colony of colorful birds anchors Perched on the branches or looking for food in the rice fields creates overwhelming scenery, extremely excited.
    The best time to watch birds in the Gao Giong tourist area is in the early morning when they spread out to forage into the sky. The sound of birds flapping their wings high fluttered the entire region, bringing vivid sounds. Or at sunset, invite each other to nest on the branches. The light gradually turned off and it was time to return this place to peace and quiet.
    Every flooding season, tourists also love coming here to sit on the boat in the colorful lotus and lagoons. Each boat is full of flowers, turning the water to create a vivid picture. After reaching the shore, do not forget to cycle or sit on the ox cart trails, the sides are planted with green bamboo. Or stroll through the grasslands to discover the pure nature of the country.
    At Gao Giong tourist area , there are also beautiful leafy huts located on the lagoon, after tiring sightseeing, leaning back on the swinging hammock. Fish caught under the layer of duckweed, resting and fishing is also an interesting activity not to be missed. It gives you the feeling of being re-created energy, peace of mind after hours of tired and noisy in urban areas.

    tourist-resort-gao-giong-16The small bridge bends by the lake. 

    Enjoy Western cuisine

    Thanks to nature, the cuisine of this land is equally rich. Under the canals, there are dozens of different species of fish are famous delicacies of Dong Thap Muoi. You will be spoiled for enjoying dishes of the West River such as: classic cotton hotpot, snakehead fish wrapped with lotus leaf, sour soup, fish sauce, ... and especially dragon blood rice wrapped with fragrant lotus leaf.
    In the simple leaf huts, sipping a little wine breaking melaleuca honey with dishes bearing bold internal wind. Humming along with melodious folk songs in the peaceful atmosphere of Gao Giong tourist area . Quietly listening to the sound, sobbing lyrics bring back memories like Western people. Honest, sincere but deep into the heart. 
    Each forest, grass, birds call flock of birds fluttering in the ears of the strange and familiar river areas. Temporarily put aside all worries and worries, so that these dear little corners will remain forever in my heart, so deep that I cannot leave. A place that will surely leave an unforgettable impression on those who come and witness it once. 
    The sweltering summer days, along with traveling to the West and returning to the lovely Gao Giong land to be released into the ecological nature. Not only experience, visit but find here to live in the atmosphere of the warm, homeland.

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