• Shopping experience in Canada: what should I buy to make a gift?

    You fret not know what to buy as a gift when travelling Canada, the price, the moment of shopping ideal to be good price. Please pin now to the most helpful Canadian shopping experience!
    Canada – the land of Leaf Phong is not only famous for its tourist but also an ideal shopping haven for those who are followers of shopping. Visiting the major cities of Canada, you will find the shopping activity extremely exciting. The shopping system in Canada is composed of many different types, depending on the type of different price. You should understand the shopping experience in Canada so that you can plan your spending in a reasonable way and buy it for your relatives, friends, the best items!

    1. Experience shopping in Canada: some important information

    Canada is indeed a shopping paradise, you will be unavoidable feeling overwhelmed by shop systems and commercial centers here.
    Some of the types of shopping you need to know when traveling Canada are: Mall (large and luxurious shopping complex), supermarket (supermarket), store (shop), outlet (point of sale taken directly from the factory) and finally Mart (market).
    Depending on the money bag you choose the appropriate shopping destination for you, or you can access the major commercial centers to visit the said. And if you are a virtual lover, do not hesitate to take the check-in hot hit photos for you.
    One important information that you need to remember is that Canada uses coins and paper money, you should redeem your money before shopping for easy payment.
    Coins will have the following denominations: ¢1 (Penny), ¢5 (nickel), ¢10 (Dime), ¢25 (quarter), $1 (loonie) and $2 (Toonie or Twoonie). The longer the paper money would be the bigger denominations, you can quickly distinguish them through the value indicated on the money sheet and color, $5Blue, $10Purple, $20 Green dollar, $50 Red dollar and $100 dollar is brown. Besides, there will be money with greater denomination but they are not popular.
    Looking at the prices of items in Canadian shopping spots can see one thing as the price of furniture is quite expensive (if converted to Vietnam currency). But you also have to understand that the level of life of Canadians is high, because on average an hour, their wages make up a few times higher than the Vietnamese, so comparing prices between Vietnam and Canada is quite limp. Little money, I spend less, raw rice with fish, avoid getting too forehead when shopping in Canada that leads to inflammation of the membrane.
    You should also note that when buying goods in Canada the price indicated on the product is a price but at the cost of the money is another price, because you pay more tax. Depending on the number of items that taxes differ, for example in Ontario Province, taxes for food items will be 13% but with some other essential items such as vegetables, fruits, drinking water... will be tax exempt.

    2. Experience shopping in Canada – which time is the most ideal?

    The first Canadian shopping experience for you is to keep track of and watch the time of the discount program, because in the sale season, the shops are very much discounted, you will be ready for you very good items that the price is very nice.
    In Canada, the year will be the largest two-season sale in winter and summer. Besides, depending on the holidays or special days of the year, the price can also be reduced very well.
    Some sales may include: Black Friday (Wednesday, Wednesday of November 11), Boxing Day (26/12), Thanksgiving Day (2nd week of 10 months), Mother's Day (second Sunday of April 5), Father's Day (third Sunday in 6 months), National Day of Canada (1/7)...
    Do not think the sale will be poor quality. Not so, some sale is to handle obsolete products that are no longer selling in the market, but some of them will reduce the entire item included in the store, including the old and new items, or even the new products launched also apply the sale program for the stimulus.

    Kinh nghiệm mua sắm ở CanadaShould soup the occasion of sale off is shopping experience in Canada that you should remember

    The best hunting tips when shopping in Canada is to buy enough, buy what you need. While it is known that these sales will save you quite a bit of money, you should also keep in mind some of the following to avoid making some mistakes when buying discount items:
    -First, consider whether the item is really necessary for you, and how will it be used for the purposes, whether it deserves to buy?
    -Secondly, always list the items that will buy, to avoid seeing the cheap price that buy innocent.
    -Third, when hunting for a discount, always remember to prioritize the stalls that you find the most needed and liked to choose the items.
    -Fourth, avoid long stay at a discounted shopping point, so move flexibly to find a variety of items.
    -Thursday, always wise to check the items before leaving the store
    -Sixth, please prepare yourself for the money to make the payment easy, and always pay attention to your pocket to avoid crashing or losing, because the sale will be very crowded.

    3. What should travel Canada buy as a gift?

    How to travel Canada should buy gifts for relatives and friends? Vietnam Travel will introduce you to list of items to buy as the following gift:

    Canadian leaf syrup
    The style is a symbol of the country of Canada, not only that they are used to make a famous syrup. The style syrup is a Canadian specialty, they are sold heavily in airports as well as in tourist spots. The syrup is usually contained in bottles or boxes, so it is easy to carry on.
    You can use the style syrup to cook or use with the dishes are also great.
    Canadian Stone Wine
    This is seen as a unique symbol of Canadian cuisine, because the Canadian country is extremely cold, in the cold winter, there are grape farms are frozen, they will be brewed to create the bottles of rock wine. This will be a precious gift for your relatives or friends.
    Note that you should not buy too much alcohol, because the tax will be charged, and each person is only allowed to bring a maximum of 1 liter of spirits when exiting Canada only.
    Montreal Steak Spice Jars
    This is one of the most unique spices in the land of Montreal Canada. You've been fascinated by the delicious beef steak platter, all thanks to this type of divine spice. They are always present in every kitchen of Canadians. This will be a great gift for those who love to cook and into the kitchen.

    Canadian seed Oil
    This is also one of the precious Canadian gifts that you should buy about to donate to your relatives and friends. The radish oil is pressed from cabbage, pale yellow, and very pleasant aroma. They are often used as raw material for cooking, baking or making sauces for salads, and are good for health.

    Canadian people's Souvenirs
    Yes, Canadian gifts are not just specialty items, but you can buy souvenirs, they will be valid for long-term use and are kept for a long time.
    Visit the shops showcasing the artworks of Canadian people to choose the most beautiful gifts.
    Note that you should only buy small and lightweight items, because if you buy items that are too heavy, bulky things will be difficult to transport back to water.


    Hopefully with the shopping experience in Canada will help you to buy yourself the most responsive items at an affordable price. Besides, or pin now list the gift to buy when traveling Canada to bring to give relatives, beloved friends !

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