• Discovering a brand new Hoang Hao eco-tourism area in Vinh Long

    Not only impressed by the large space of entertainment and relaxation, Hoang Hao eco-tourism area in Vinh Long also "catches the heart" of young people by the dreamlike beauty of Da Lat, miniature in the heart of the West.
    Not owning a modern beauty like Ho Chi Minh City, or as ancient as An Giang, Vinh Long tourism still has its own special attraction. And recently, the province Southwest region are increasingly becoming the name "hot" for visitors from all parts of the country by many tourist destinations attractive, which can not fail to mention parks Hoang Hao eco-tourism . 

    1. How to move to Hoang Hao eco-tourism area 

    Hoang Hao eco-tourism area is located on Highway 57, about 2km from Dinh Khao ferry, located in Thanh Duc commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province, is a large-scale project of Real Estate Company. Hoang Hao estate. This place is considered as an ideal place to have fun and relaxation of Vinh Long people in particular and visitors of the Mekong Delta region as well as all over the country in general.
    To move to the tourist village, if you depart from the center of Vinh Long city only go about 4km to the place. Also go from Ho Chi Minh City will be further, about 140km. You can choose car, motorbike or bus in the West bus station to the resort. 

    2. The ideal time to go to Hoang Hao eco-tourism site 

    The weather in Vinh Long province as well as the southwestern provinces is quite mild, divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and sunny season. However, because this is an ecotourism site, tourism activities and resorts in the sunny time from May to the end of September would be more ideal. Especially, on Tet holidays, festivals are considered as peak tourist seasons. If you like the bustle and joy, you can choose this time to come here to have fun and explore.

    3. What does Hoang Hao eco-tourism area have to play?

    With a total construction area of ​​nearly 68ha, Hoang Hao Vinh Long eco-tourism area offers a variety of attractive entertainment services, suitable for both adults and children. Coming here, you will be able to experience unique folk games, exciting sports games such as fishing, sailing, slapping fishing ditches, cycling across the board, canoe, monkey, go trams, cable cars ... 

    tourist-resort-birth-thai-hoang-hao-13Experience the idyllic, Western activities.
    In particular, two popular games that many tourists love in the tourist village are Zorbing balls - a game that makes the ball roll from the grass hill with a moderate slope and the water ball game.
    In addition, with groups of tourists or family, you can freely set up tents, organize team building activities and community activities. Enjoying the fresh and airy atmosphere of the hustle nature and participating in entertainment activities with friends and relatives will bring you memorable and meaningful memories. Above all, the fatigue, sorrow of life, the pressures, the stresses of daily work seem to disappear. 

    4. What to eat when coming to Hoang Hao eco-tourism?

    After hours of playing and relaxing, you can come to enjoy Southern cuisine right at the restaurant of Hoang Hao eco-tourism area. It can accommodate up to hundreds of customers with a rich and attractive menu. The food you should enjoy such as fish hotpot, seafood hotpot, chicken rice, fried fish, wild local cakes, ... There are also a lot of garden specialties such as oranges. 
    In particular, the restaurant of the tourist village can accommodate up to hundreds of customers, serving typical dishes of the West River. The food court also sells Southern folk cakes. The resort serving foreigners is built separately, designed with Southern characteristics from garden houses to living space.

    5. Where to Hoang Hao eco-tourism site?

    In Hoang Hao ecotourism area , resting and staying where are questions of many tourists. You absolutely can be assured because there are up to 20 mini motels that are uniquely designed with eye-catching colors. Coming here, you will be extremely impressed with the triangular houses with simple thatched roofs. Blue and orange were chosen as the dominant colors, standing out among the lush natural surroundings of plants.
    If you have the opportunity to come here, choose the houses with a view in front of the romantic lotus ponds. To wake up every morning, just open the door and you can breathe in the fresh, cool air, faintly smell the lotus and watch the pink lotus buds nest among the green lotus leaves. All create a sense of peace and extremely comfortable. 
    If one day you feel stuffy, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, grab your backpack and explore new lands. Remember not to miss the eco-tourism area of ​​Hoang Hao Vinh Long - this lovely and interesting place.

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