• Binh Thuy old house in Can Tho - a famous tourist destination of Tay Do

    The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is not only a famous tourist destination of Tay Do land but also a relic of Western culture. The old house of the Duong family has so far received many visits from near and far tourists.

    Address of ancient house of Binh Thuy

    Binh Thuy old house is located about 10km from the center of Can Tho city. This famous house is located at 144 Bui Huu Nghia Street, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho.
    The way to the old house area is quite easy, just cross the Binh Thuy bridge and turn left into the market and go straight to the destination. If tourists are from other regions and completely "blind", do not hesitate to ask the local people here to know the way to the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho offline.

    Entrance fees and opening hours

    Ticket price to visit inside the old house is 15,000 VND / person. And if visitors just stand on campus outside to enjoy or take photos, it is completely free.
    The two opening hours at the old house of Binh Thuy are: morning from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00.

    The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is associated with mysterious anecdotes

    Binh Thuy Rach in Can Tho used to be a place chosen by many wealthy families to build an inheritance and settle down, including the Duong family, namely Mr. Duong Van Vi (3rd generation). 
    The house of the family in Binh Thuy was first built by Mr. Duong Van Vi with wooden materials, tile roof in 1870 with the purpose of worshiping ancestors. After 30 years of coloring, the house has been redesigned.
    After his death, the youngest son of Mr. Duong Van Vi, Duong Chan Ky - also a wealthy farmer who continued this important work from 1904 until about 1911 to complete. The famous architectural work after completion has a unique shape that brings both the ancient and dignified features of the East and shows the liberal and Western elegance. The people of Can Tho often call it Binh Thuy ancient house because it is a rare and rare form of ancient house in Binh Thuy area.
    Tourists traveling to Can Tho and visiting ancient houses often hear about an anecdote associated with the house-making contract between Duong Chan Ky and Mr. Ba Nghia (who designed and renovated the house) such as after: Mr. Ba Nghia was also known to people around the area as Mr. Lu Ban because he built a very nice house. Throughout the year, this talented builder spends a pair of short shorts in black, with a red scarf on top of his head. Wherever he went, he brought with him only two separate objects, a squid and an ax, to cut the limestone pillars of the house.
    When concluding the contract to rebuild the old house of Binh Thuy Can Tho with the Duong family, Mr. Duong Chan Ky provided the condition with Mr. Ba Nghia that the house built must not only be beautiful but also make the owner rich. However, according to the concept of the ancients, if the house is completed, the richer the landlord will be, the poorer the master will be. Therefore, homeowners and builders have a contract with each other, when the house is completed later and always keep the wealth and prosperity, each month the builder of the old house is always provided with money and rice every month. 

    Nha-co-binh-thuy-can-tho-diem-du-lich-lich-nois-xu-tay-do5Binh Thuy ancient house is decorated in the typical architectural style of the Southern people.

    Unique architecture of the ancient house of Binh Thuy in Can Tho

    Different from other old houses in the tourist provinces of the South West which are deeply influenced by Western architecture because most were built at the time of transition, the ancient house of Binh Thuy has the imprint of the two platforms. Eastern - Western culture is a bit of an old French mansion architecture.
    The house is designed in a five-way style with fences surrounded by iron gates decorated with motifs in the style of a European mansion. On the banks of the roof and gable point is covered with a series of decorative motifs decorated with goldfish, unicorn or flower, leaves with cement are very beautiful.
    Unique and impressive impression, capturing the eyes of the visitors when first coming here is the 4 bow-shaped stairways connecting from the yard to the main house along with a series of windows, always ensuring ventilation. 
    The more you visit, observe carefully, the more you realize that the owner pays great attention to the law of symmetry when decorating the details because this is clearly shown on each of the iron pillars to the layout of the rooms. Besides, all floor tiles of the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho are shipped directly from France.
    Besides the influences from the West, the other areas of the house show the clear Eastern architecture, most notably the ancient altar of the house still retains the Asian spirit to preserve traditional culture. In addition, visitors to the old house can also ask the owner to explain more about the layout as well as the implications put in every detail or arrangement of items of the house.


    Binh Thuy orchid garden and precious antiques

    The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is not only famous for its unique architecture but it is also known to tourists from far away by the Binh Thuy orchid garden and a rich treasure of antiques of great value right inside the house. 
    The Duong family has been famous for antiques since ancient houses, while preserving a series of valuable antiques collected through descendants such as furniture from Yunnan. (China), French-style sofa from Louis period, cup from Minh-Thanh period, ..
    This orchid garden and treasure store are more and more rich when Mr. Duong Van Ngon, the fifth descendant of the house, is collecting and managing it. With a passion for hobby, flowers, cacti, he searched for countless rare orchid species from all over the country and abroad. From just inviting friends, relatives to enjoy flowers, today this place has become a meeting place for people who share the same love of flowers, ornamental plants, especially orchids. The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is famous near and far in part because it owns many beautiful orchids, precious ornamental plants, especially the Mexican cactus Kim more than 40 years old.

    Film studios of many famous movies

    Binh Thuy ancient house of Can Tho brings architectural, historical and cultural values ​​of a period of many incidents, so it has been recognized as a "national art relic". Especially, this place is not only attracting more and more visitors but also loaned by many film crews as a backdrop for their films.
    The famous Vietnamese movies that have been filmed here are extremely familiar to audiences who love movies and television, such as Tay Do Beauty , Alluvial Roads, Debt Life, etc. Aside from Vietnamese films, a classic foreign work called The Lover was also shot here in 1992.
    The film revolves around the true cross-border love affair of a young master named Huynh Thuy Le (who was the son of a wealthy Chinese businessman in Sa Dec) and a French female writer on Vietnamese soil. The movie starring famous Hong Kong actor Luong Gia Huy and becoming famous movie works around the world.

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