• Discover the kingdom of snakes in Dong Tam snake farm

    Dong Tam Snake Farm is an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists - where if you overcome the initial fear you will embark on an exciting journey to explore the land of snakes.

    Origin of Dong Tam snake farm

    Dong Tam Snake Farm was established on October 27, 1979 on an area of ​​about 30 hectares, located on the banks of the Tien River. It used to be a place full of mines and barbed wire from the US. The camp was born on the initiative of Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Duoc, a man with a solid knowledge of snakes and a passion for dangerous work but saved many.
    With the task of conducting scientific research, raising and conserving precious snakes, planting saplings for making medicines and processing traditional medicine, thereby helping to give first aid and treat poisonous snakes to officials and people. Therefore, the original snake farm was not for sightseeing purposes. Over the period of development and becoming one of the largest snake farms in Vietnam, Dong Tam snake farm is also considered as the first snake museum in our country.
    Since then, this place has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, learn and research. For those of you who are interested in learning about the 6th animal in the 12 zodiacs, the Dong Tam snake farm is a land that could not be more suitable to visit.

    As a special attraction, when entering the snake farm you must strictly follow the instructions of the tour guide to avoid unfortunate consequences.  Photo: Nguyen Nhat MinhAs a special attraction, when entering the snake farm you must strictly follow the instructions of the tour guide to avoid unfortunate consequences. Photo: Nguyen Nhat Minh

    Guide the way to Dong Tam snake farm

    Dong Tam Snake Farm , officially called the Center for Researching and Processing Medicinal Materials of Military Region 9. This attractive place is located about 9 km west of My Tho city, in Binh Duc commune, Chau district. Thanh, Tien Giang province. Dong Tam Snake Farm plays the role of the largest snake raising center and treatment of snake bites for people in the whole Mekong Delta region.
    Here are directions to this unique Tien Giang tourist destination . From Saigon, you start and go through Highway 1 via Long An, back to the center of My Tho city, then follow Le Thi Hong Gam Street toward Rach Mieu Bridge but not across the bridge. You will see a specific guide to Dong Tam snake farm.
    If you go from Go Cong town, you go through Highway 50 nearly 50km to My Tho City and follow provincial road 864, if you find it difficult to find, you can search on google maps or ask people, then you turn right on provincial road 870. From here you go about 2km to the snake farm.

    What is special about Dong Tam snake farm?

    Kingdom of snakes

    Tourists Tien Giang coming to Dong Tam snake farm will see firsthand the 400 different types of snakes. From gentle snakes (water snakes, shellfish, ...) do not carry venom to poisonous and extremely poisonous snakes (horse tiger, scorpion, roar, etc.). More impressive is the Dong Tam snake farm, which freely breeds snakes in three areas built to suit the nature of each species: python, venomous snake and lake-style snake.
    Because of these special features, this place is considered as the first and largest snake museum in Vietnam, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and research. Now let's learn about 3 specific snake farming areas in the journey to discover a snake farm in Dong Tam!
    Lake area:   X cancer around this area is built high walls adult chest and only one entrance. Going further inside, you will have a lake bottom about 30-40cm deep and always tattooed with water. In the middle of the lake is a small island with green trees high on the wall of the lake. Just looking up right above the tree, you will see all the snakes wrapped together extremely crowded. This area has many typical snakes, very common and non-toxic such as water snakes, ladles, fish curry ...
    Zone of venomous snakes:  This area is the "home" of equine cobra, scorpion, hia ... and especially dangerous is the king cobra. Because this is a very poisonous snake and is ranked level E in the Vietnam Red Book. Because of their extremely strong toxicity, they are kept in separate cages, inside the layout, simulating burrows to hide.
    This snake breeding center has several hundred king tigers, including those who eat 1.5kg of snakes / time. Each week, the staff here must feed the snake 2 times. Particularly, cobras only like to eat toads, clones and mice. These types are only available in the rainy season, so when the dry season comes, the snake farm must have plenty of food for them, even a ton in the freezer to feed the snake.
    It can be said that to feed this species of snake is a feat of hard work and danger. Because the snake owner when opening the cage must be extremely careful and gentle, even extremely slowly so that the hungry snake will not go out or bite people.
    Requiring meticulousness, care and concentration, taking care of snakes is like taking care of a child because the farmer must constantly monitor to find out which signs have strange signs to ensure the safety of the village. 
    Pythons: This area is located in the heart and roofs are carefully shielded. Inside, there are more rows of iron cages, height to hip, floor made of wood. Need to design such calibration because this is the residence of the giant pythons. In large cages there are smaller cages and in each there will be curled moons.
    It can be said that up to now, Dong Tam snake farm is the place to store the most species of snakes in Vietnam with over 40 species of snakes typical in the Mekong Delta. In particular, the most significant is the snake king snake was 17 years old, 4.2m long, weighing up to 18kg.
    Unlike other tourist destinations in Tien Giang such as Thoi Son islet, Yen village tourist area or Bach Nhat Hoa Vien park Dong Tam snake farm is not only a tourist attraction but also an emergency hospital.  On average, this particular center receives more than 500 cases of venomous bites. And the good news is that for many years now, no cases of death have been all saved in time.
    In addition to saving people, this snake farm also provides a significant amount of snake meat for restaurants - hotels in Tien Giang and surrounding areas.
    Travel to Tien Giang, besides trying many delicious dishes of Tien Giang cuisine , do not forget to enjoy more typical dishes of Dong Tam snake land. What's more interesting is that there are snake products such as python and alcohol soaked, snake medicine, python fat that cure many diseases, especially for elderly people like aches and pains ... Can choose to buy as gifts for relatives and friends.

    The common home of many rare animals

    In addition to the large number of snakes and pythons, Dong Tam Snake Farm also raises many animals, including some rare Vietnamese animals such as crocodiles, turtles, foxes, bears, peacocks, ostriches, porcupines, States da, gibbon, ... Every animal here has its own beauty and personality is a miniature wildlife world for snakes.
    Many tourists come here to be extremely excited to meet the snakes, pythons, bengan tigers, weasels, beavers, giant white and black swans that are displayed before their eyes. There are also monkeys and apes of all kinds. Besides the feeling of fear, there is also the interest and curiosity, wanting to learn more about the special "residents" who are living here.

    Some notes for a visit to the snake farm

    If you come to the snake farm on the right occasion, you can watch firsthand the experts taking snake venom to produce medicine.
    At Dong Tam snake farm, there is also a snake museum which displays more than 50 million specimens of rare and precious snakes. So after visiting, seeing snakes in three areas of the snake farm, do not miss the equally attractive place to continue the snake museum!
    When traveling to Dong Tam Snake Farm , visitors can take advantage of the rare opportunity but also need a little courage to take a picture with a few terrible python wrapped around him. This will be a memorable moment of you!
    Note that the snake's opening hours for visiting snakes are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.
    Here are some tips on the cost of "bombing" of  the Dong Tam snake farm:
    - Ticket price to visit Dong Tam snake farm:
    + Adult fare is 30,000 VND / person
    + Child fare is 20,000 VND / child (applies to children from 6 - 12 years old).
    + Children under 6 years old will be free of charge.
    - Parking: 5000 VND.
    - The food is self-sufficient, so remember to find out first because there are restaurants on the highway
    - Some services at Dong Tam snake farm : The first is the journey to visit the largest snake farm in the country, visit the python farm, the area for raising wildlife of all kinds such as; Monkey, voc, ostrich, deer, deer.
    In addition, the camp also has a souvenir shop and sell burn medicine made from python fat.
    Snakes in many people's imagination are very dangerous animals, can not and should not come near. But coming to Dong Tam snake farm , overcome the initial fears and after visiting and studying, you will surely have a different thought and realize that there are still many gentle, non-toxic snakes besides the others. And even when carrying venom, but if you know how to exploit a snake and its weapons, they are still very beneficial to humans, especially in healing.
    It can be said that the world of snakes has always been a place where many mysteries need to be discovered. So if you have the opportunity to visit Tien Giang , do not forget to visit the snake farm because if you come here but have never been to this special "kingdom", it will be a disadvantage for you.

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