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    Cai Mon Fruit Garden is a place chosen by many young people in Ben Tre tours, especially when summer is very close.
    Cai Mon is one of the rural areas in Ben Tre that still bears a lot of Southern characteristics with the main job of growing fruit trees and ornamental plants. Each year, this unique trade village provides the southern market in particular and the country in general a lot of fruits and seedlings of all kinds such as durian, mango sand, , ... Besides, tourism This is also the strength of this land with many orchards, craft villages, ornamental plants, flower gardens, ... contributing to the attraction of Ben Tre tourism.

    Cai Mon Fruit Garden is a place with many famous tourist sites in Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. Guests traveling west often choose to visit Cai Mon orchard for both temporary escape rhythm dust and noise of urban place has spoiled enjoy the fresh air. And more importantly, you can enjoy the flavors of many fruit trees such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, mangoes, durian ... Impressed by the very cheap entry fee to the orchard, including sightseeing and fruit-eating at the orchard.

    Where is Cai Mon Fruit Garden?

    Cai Mon is a place in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. Right from the name of this land is associated with fruits and fruit trees. Because according to Son Nam's literature on southern region culture, the name "Cai Mon originated from ancient times when people observed that this land had lush fruit trees, all year round." "Flowers bloom so it has attracted a lot of honey bee colonies. Among the word Cai means a large canal, and Mong in Khmer means honey."

    Guide the way to Cai Mon fruit garden

    Cai Mon Fruit Garden is located on NH57, in Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province. To get to this Ben Tre tourist site, visitors can follow many different routes depending on the travel itinerary of them and their family and friends.
    However, many tourists choose to go towards NH1A because this is a fairly easy route, and convenient access to many beautiful tourist destinations in the West such as Rach Mieu Bridge, Thoi Son Island , My Tho City, ...

    If you go from Ho Chi Minh City, you should plan to leave early in the morning, from 5am - 6pm is the most beautiful because the road is not crowded and avoid the sun. Then move along the National Highway 1A through Binh Chanh district in the provinces of Long An and Tien Giang. Upon arriving at the section passing the territory of My Tho City (Tien Giang), tourists turn toward the National Road No.60 to Ben Tre. Continue along QL60, cross Ham Luong bridge for a short turn then turn to provincial road DT882. Now you go straight along DT882 road, then follow QL57 and ask people in that area the Cai Mo fruit garden address Where, the pedestrians will guide you enthusiastically to find your way to the orchard fastest. If you go by motorbike, you will come here at 8am. If traveling by car or bus, although there are slow moving parts, you will save time compared to riding a motorbike by traveling on the Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong highway, instead of going by QL1A. 

    Discover Cai Mon fruit garden - a land of good and sweet fruit trees

    Cai Mon Fruit Garden was originally a small fruit-growing village in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province. According to the words of the old local people, the name of Mon Mon has been since this place was still a wild fruit tree forest and lots of honey bees making nests. What means large canals and ditches, and Mơn means Mum (in Khmer), for honeycomb. Later when the Southern people reclaimed the land, they discovered this is an ideal fruit-growing land, so the name Cai Mon has been associated with the title of "fruit tree paradise" in Ben Tre ever since.
    Following the wave of ecotourism, looking for nature, fresh countryside, Ben Tre has bloomed tourist resorts and fruit gardens to serve tourists. Besides Lan Vuong , Chin Song and Ha Thao tourist resorts , Cai Mon fruit garden attracts many young people and tourists from big cities to visit. Therefore, more and more fruit garden owners in Cai Mon are opening a number of horticultural tourism services to serve tourists more attentively. Until now, Cai Mon fruit garden has become a tourist destination in Ben Tre which is widely known by tourists from near and far. Especially on weekends or holidays, Cai Mon welcomes thousands of visitors to the garden, as well as enjoy fruits and take pictures.
    Away from the noisy and dusty atmosphere in urban areas, Cai Mon fruit garden gives visitors a sense of peace, tranquility and fresh air. Whether choosing Ben Tre tours or self-sufficient tours, whether it is the first time you come to Cai Mon fruit garden or have visited regularly, surely every visitor will feel gentle and peaceful. Because you just need to step through the entrance and follow the small road winding around the simple, leafy houses of the Western garden, you will see the open view of the luxuriant gardens of fruit trees.
    The entire Cai Mon fruit garden area is divided into outer and inner rings. Outside, planting familiar trees of tropical land such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, ... The deeper you go into the inner circle of the orchard, you will encounter many kinds of trees that you only know the fruit but have never seen the tree. 

    Visiting Cai Mon fruit garden, visitors can hand-pick and enjoy ripe fruits on the tree.Visiting Cai Mon fruit garden, visitors can hand-pick and enjoy ripe fruits on the tree.

    More impressive is the deeper you go inside, you will continue to explore the rows of ripe mangoes, rows of layers of bananas are coming in season, then guava, jackfruit, apples, papaya ... Each type of tree Sweet and fresh, so successively one after the other, line out in front of visitors, appearing like a picture of true and attractive landscape.
    Perhaps what everyone likes and admits to being the best when coming to Cai Mon fruit garden is that while visiting, you can still pick and enjoy the ripe fruits on your own. Especially, if you go right on the occasion from about May - July - the fruit season in Cai Mon, visitors will admire hundreds, thousands of fruit trees with eye-catching colors. It is hard to imagine how happy it is to be able to go back and forth, taking pictures and picking fruits in a huge garden full of sweet-scented flowers.
    Not only fruit, Cai Mon is also the land of colorful flowers such as raspberries, daisies, marigolds, confetti, dahlia, sunflower, carnations ... Besides, the flower garden There are many varieties of roses - beautiful and quite "fastidious" flowers are grown here such as: red velvet showing off its red, smooth under the sun; romantic lay-grace pink with purple lotus; pink Elizabeth felt tender and gentle; Korokit pink fancy shrimp bricks, then yellow roses, red roses, orange roses, pink roses each have its own beauty ...
    So come to Cai Mon fruit garden , in addition to being able to see and enjoy the delicious fruits, tourists also admire the extremely beautiful flowers planted in the ornamental flower village. No need to travel Sa Dec to Dong Thap far away but just to Cai Mon, you can also watch and take photos with flowers, ornamental plants. At the same time, you can also talk with the artisans about the process of planting and caring for these flowers. If you like, you choose to buy colorful flower pots in Cai Mon flower garden as a gift to Ben Tre for relatives and friends.

    Tickets to Cai Mon fruit garden

    Ben Tre is a land favored by nature with lots of rivers and canals carrying heavy silt, making up immense rice fields, coconut gardens stretching thousands, and luxuriant fruit orchards. And the kingdom of fruit trees Cai Mon , Cho Lach was also born from there. Increasingly, Cai Mon has become more and more famous and has formed a brand of eco-tourism destination with fruits, flowers and seedlings. Recently, many domestic and international tourists have chosen Cai Mon as their destination when they did not know what to eat or play in Ben Tre .
    Although many people know and choose it as a regular tourist destination, the entrance fee to visit Cai Mon fruit garden is very affordable, only 10,000 VND / person (applies to both adults and children). If you want to pick and enjoy fruits in the garden, you should buy a package ticket of about 70,000 - 100,000 VND. Because this ticket allows visitors to hand-pick and eat at their garden the fruits they like, unlimited so suitable for those who have endless passion for fruit offline.
    It can be said that exploring Cai Mon fruit garden is one of the unique activities in the Ben Tre tourism journey of any tourist, especially after knowing the way, how to move, address and Admission to this most famous fruit garden in the West. Hurry up preparing a plan now to keep up in Cai Mon just in time when the fruit trees are in full bloom and sweetest!

    Some notes when coming to Cai Mon fruit garden

    The annual Lunar New Year holiday often coincides with the time when Cai Mon fruit is the best so the locals often organize tourist activities, fruit festivals, so if you can arrange a time, please choose this time.
    Another note is that visitors can buy fruit at the garden as a gift because it is cheaper than the market.
    You should choose to go for a walk in the garden in the morning or afternoon, avoid the afternoon because of the sun and also to enjoy better fruits.
    The special thing that many tourists enjoy in Cai Mon fruit garden is that no matter what season they come in, there are delicious fruits to enjoy.
    Besides, when traveling to Ben Tre in general and Cai Mon in particular, in addition to fresh fruit, you can also buy coconut and coconut products to give as gifts to relatives and friends like Ben coconut candy. Bamboo, Ben Tre milk rice paper, Ben Tre coconut soap, Ben Tre coconut wine, ...

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