• Stunningly beautiful, Cao Van Lau Theater in Bac Lieu

    Cao Van Lau Theater - an impressive architectural work with 3 unique leaf cones with important meanings, is both an attractive destination in Bac Lieu.

    Find the coordinates of Cao Van Lau theater

    The theater project named after the late composer, the father of the ancient Da Lang - Cao Van Lau is located in the central area of ​​Hung Vuong square, ward 1, Bac Lieu city. The work set a record of the three largest conical hats in Vietnam, attracting the attention of many people as well as tourists everywhere since it has not been completed.
    Bac Lieu is known as the cradle of the type of traditional music - reformed music, from ancient times to present, people here associate sad and happy life with ancient songs. However, today many people, especially young people, have gradually forgotten that kind of tradition. The birth of Cao Van Lau theater not only expresses gratitude to him, but also serves as a reminder to future generations to preserve and promote the valuable values ​​that his father has left behind. 

    Impressive architecture

    The image of three hats is a key symbol of this unique theater and cultural exhibition center. Conical hats are attached to the Vietnamese people as well as the people of the South, the three conical heads bunched together demonstrate the solidarity of the three ethnic groups of Kinh, Khmer and Chinese in Bac Lieu. Or it is the attachment of the North, Central and South; Logo image has great meaning.
    Not only molding and nurturing love for the homeland, art. The Cao Van Lau theater project also shows the strong determination spirit of Bac Lieu. Not only by economy, society, but also by a strong transformation thanks to unique culture. The theater is located next to the landscape lake to create a cool space, the lake is divided into 2 parts, outside planted with water lilies. Split by winding paths so that tourists can go sightseeing. 
    High-class-van-lau-lau-8Not only for people of Bac Lieu but also for tourists this project also has a great attraction

    Three conical hats, the largest one with a diameter of up to 45 meters and the highest of more than 24 meters, representing three blocks: 
    - House A:  is the venue for events, traditional art performances such as ca cai luong, parachute singing, contemporary dance, ... with a capacity of more than 850 seats.
    - Building B: area for conference centers, regional conferences.
    - Building C: dedicated to organizing art exhibitions and exhibits to attract tourists to visit.
    Since its inception and operation, Cao Van Lau theater has created a great attraction for residents as well as tourists coming to Hung Vuong Square, which also has the famous pliers symbol. The spiritual life of the people was enhanced, especially at night when the theater was illuminated by shimmering lights from 4 corners glowing all over the region. 

    People come to have fun, take pictures with the unique iconic works. This work not only contributes to beautifying the landscape of Bac Lieu, but also adds a new place of interest for tourists whenever the opportunity to return to “Co Cau country”. The three-leafed theater with the name of the late composer Cao Van Lau is also the pride of this place as not only the cradle but also contributes a great part to the preservation of the soul of reformed music and folk songs.

    Other places to visit about amateur music

    Harp and lotus

    In addition to the Cao Van Lau theater , another equally attractive construction is the stylized pedicard symbol on 5 lotus petals. The true tree is 18.92 meters high, below is a lotus pond more than 450 m2 wide. Like the Military Prince, like the temperament of the children of Bac Lieu rustic, frank, direct but also full of generosity. In the form of reformed art, it occupies a very important position.

    High-class-van-lau-lau-10The pistons and lotuses symbolize Bac Lieu culture

    This work has also reached the Vietnam Record, regarded by the people here as a cultural symbol of Bac Lieu because the pianos are teachers of various instruments, leading the singers. Thanks to this tree, so many generations of children here love and love the type of traditional Vietnamese folk music. Around the symbol of the lunar tree is coordinated with lighting system, water music creates a great attraction for tourists. 

    Souvenir area for talented Vietnamese folk music and musician Cao Van Lau

    Located at Cao Van Lau Street, Ward 2, City. Bac Lieu, this is also a unique tourist destination of the province. Right in the center is the monument area with the symbol of a bamboo tube, to get there you have to go through the numbered steps such as the beat of the ancient cauliflower in turn 2,4,8,16 , 32, 64. Surrounded there is also the image of the ancestors carved on the stone.
    On the other side of the memorial is a statue of a musician in his hand, a harp, behind his back is a very famous stele "Da ancient nostalgic", with gold letters on a gray stone background. In addition to the museum in  the Cao Van Lau theater, there is also a park displaying the symbol of traditional instruments in the amateurs of stone. Display area of ​​artifacts associated with his life; burial ground; display area of ​​documents, images or costumes of famous reformed artists.

    Instructions on how to go

    The 3 cone conical theater is located in the heart of Bac Lieu city, so there are many facilities to get here easily. 
    - If you choose to go to Cao Van Lau theater by personal means such as cars or motorbikes from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you can follow the direction of My Thuan Bridge, via Hau Giang ferry to the house of Bac Lieu prince. Then go straight or search on Google Maps to Area A, Hat Conical Theater, Hung Vuong Street, Ward 1, TP. Bac Lieu.
    - Choose a bus: you can go to the Western bus station to take trips to Bac Lieu for more than 6 hours to arrive. For those outside the North, flying to Can Tho by plane and from here to the theater will be more than half the distance. 
    Bac Lieu with attractive cultural values ​​and iconic constructions is becoming one of the leading tourist destinations in the West . If you have the opportunity to come here, visit this unique 3-leaf conical theater to visit, take pictures and especially participate in unique cultural and artistic activities. 

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