• U Minh Ha forest tourism, great experience for nature lovers

    Coming to Ca Mau, visitors can join U Minh Ha forest trip with many interesting activities for those who love to explore the nature and wildness of the river.
    U Minh Ha Forest is the place of UNESCO's honor to be listed in the world's biosphere reserve and is the core area of ​​Ca Mau Province's biosphere reserve with an area of ​​about 82.86km2. Today, in addition to the values ​​of the environment and ecosystem, U Minh Ha forest is also an attractive tourist destination for those who love nature, adventure and want to explore the system. 

    Should explore U Minh Ha forest?

    Weather Ca Mau is divided into 2 distinct seasons, the rainy season from November to April every year, while the dry season starts from May and ends in October. Tourists should choose the dry season to easily go. In the rainy season, the water level can be easily moved by boat and canoe in the mangrove forest, but fun activities and discoveries will be limited.


    Move, go back to U Minh Ha forest

    Tourists can move from Saigon to Ca Mau city, then continue from Ca Mau to U Minh town by taxi or taxi about 40km. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Ca Mau to U Minh town but then have to take a motorbike taxi 20km to reach the main destination of U Minh Ha forest trip .
    When you go to the forest, there are 2 ways to move, 1 is to rent canoes of travel agencies, 2 is to rent a motorbike taxi then walk.


    What does U Minh Ha forest have to explore?


    From the forest gate of Vo Doi hamlet, Tran Van Thoi district - Ca Mau province, following the paved road not far away, there will be an observatory. From here visitors can zoom in and out looking at the vast forest from above. The scenery of the river with vast canals, forests and fields is well worth the trip to this place.

    Take a boat tour in the forest

    du-lich-rung-u-minh-haExplore mangroves by boat

    U Minh Ha forest boat ride activity is chosen by all tourists because this is the most memorable point of the journey. However, if the water level in the forest is too high or too dry, this activity will be halted, so to avoid the effort, please contact the management board of U Minh Ha before you proceed. 
    Sitting on the boat, visitors will be transported to typical places in the forest, to discover diverse vegetation with many precious plants and species living in salt water. In addition, visitors can see and interact with many species of animals in the red book that appear in many forests.
    The feeling of floating on the water surface of the forest full of leaves and birds is really interesting, the salty taste of the mangrove forest and the lively sounds in the forest will help you have the feeling of being immersed in. 

    Fishing in the forest

    You can ask, negotiate with the boatman to go deeper into the mangrove forest where there are many species of fish living. There are many species of wild fish due to good protection, visitors can fish and process right in the forest, participate in the activities of fishermen in the true waters.
    In addition, tourists when traveling to U Minh Ha forest can go with people to get forest honey, taste the excellent honey drops of the famous forest. 

    What to eat when you come to U Minh Ha forest?

    Coming to U Minh Ha forest, tourists will enjoy the standard river water dishes made from the products of the forest that are very rustic but not because of which is less attractive.
    Do not miss the Ca Mau style dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, lucky hotpot served with perch, braised eel, green bean porridge ... or special dishes like fried hamster ... It is made in a rustic way but really makes you stuck with the strange taste.


    What to note when traveling to U Minh Ha forest?

    Before the trip you need to prepare neat and dynamic costumes to easily move in the forest, hats, shoes also need to bring. In addition, there are quite a lot of mosquitoes and insects in the forest, apply insect repellent to limbs before going into the forest to avoid being approached by these animals.
    Take your time to tour the forest early and leave before it gets dark because there is no camping and lodging services at U Minh Ha. Tourists should return to the town or return to Ca Mau to have a comfortable, clean accommodation.
    To ensure safety, visitors should not stay in U Minh Ha forest alone, if planning to spend the night, you should contact the forest management and people who live in the same example, if you want to stay with the local people. Absolutely not catch, kill rare animals in the forest as well as cut trees, destroy the flora indiscriminately in U Minh Ha forest.

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