• Destinations for Canada must check in once in a lifetime

    With the second most worldwide area, Canada is a beautiful country with diverse and distinctive natural landscapes. Travel to the Leaf Phong please pin the list of Canada's most beautiful destinations to check in, the beautiful scenery in these places will make you fall in the heart, and the magnificent shot will keep great memories of the trip.
    The country of Canada is famous for its vast and pristine nature. Possessing a rich and varied natural wonders, Canada tourism attracts millions of visitors every year. From the old towns to the mountains, trees and majestic Canadian waterfalls bring great emotions to the contemplative.

    Top 10 stunning Canadian destinations

    1. Peggy's Cove

    Peggy's Cove is a coastal fishing village located in the east of Nova Scotia. It is the world famous for its stunning natural landscapes, the freshest seafood. Go to Peggy's Cove fishing village, don't forget to drop by the old-world lighthouse built from 1915!

    2. Lake Louise

    Dubbed the green Pearl of Canada, Lake Louise captivated anyone who came here. Belonging to Banff National Garden, Alberta, and surrounded by majestic mountains, the scenery of Lake Louiser carries a pristine romantic beauty. It is also one of the world Heritage SITES of the UNESCO year 1984.

    Top 10 điểm đến Canada nhất định phải checkin một lần trong đờiBeautiful beauty of Lake Louise Canada when autumn visits

    3. Capilano Suspension Bridge Suspension

    Located in the state of British Columbia, a southernmost province of Canada, the Capilano bridge Suspension is dubbed one of Canada's tourist icons. Built from 1889, it is the only way to move into the forest land, 137m long, with 70m altitude, north across the Capilano River.
    Today it is one of the most favorable destinations, where visitors can challenge the nerve when walking on a narrow bridge and floating in the air. And the suspension bridge is also the only Canadian check-in that is not for the weak-heart and afraid of altitude.

    4. Tombstone Park

    Tombstone Park is located in Yukon, Canada, and is one of Canada's largest parks with an extremely large area of up to 220 thousand hectares. The beauty of this place is the backdrop of pristine mountain forests, the steep mountains, the icy prices all year round. Come here visitors will be overwhelmed by the magnificent and magnificent setting, if you are lucky to admire the wild animals.

    5. Prince Edward Island

    Dubbed as one of the smallest provinces of the country of Canada, the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the east coast of Canada. The beauty of Prince Edward's Island is created by the magnificent natural landscape and architectural style which bears the ancient history.
    Prince Edward Island also appears in the novel "Anne of Green Gables" (Anne redhead under the green Wing), how many readers in the world.

    6. Niagara Falls

    This is Canada 's most privileged tourist destination, and for those who love to explore the majestic natural beauty. Niagara Falls is a cluster of waterfalls consisting of three large waterfalls, located between Canada and the US border. Coming from Toronto, Canada you will only take 1 hour of the clock to get here to admire the magnificent view of the pristine jungle Mountain, the magnificent.

    7. Nahanni National Park

    Nahanni National Park is located along the Nahanni River – the vast river of the North American region. The name Nahanni is derived from the Aboriginal Dane, meaning "spirit"
    With an area of up to 476 thousand hectares, and deep mountain grooves of up to 1000 meters, and huge waterfalls and massive, rocky cave systems, brought the majestic, magnificent beauty to the Nahanni National Park.
    Come here, visitors will admire the beautiful natural landscapes, mountains, Lake River, the landscape forest thousand. And this is also a great Canadian destination for adventurous sports travellers such as mountaineering or conquering caves.

    8. Go to the Island Peninsula of Avalon viewing the iceberg

    Coming to the Avalon Peninsula at the end of spring and early summer, you will have the opportunity to occupy the iceberg at sea. These are ice-melting icebergs from the 10-thousand ice mountain. The white icebergs that drift above the blue Sea to the Abyss provides an incredibly magnificent, majestic setting.
    However this is also the time here super-super cold, if the occasion of tourism Avalon in this season needs to be equipped with clothes, hats thick to keep the body warm.

    9. Jasper National Garden

    Also one of the oldest tourist icons of the land of La Phong, Jassper National Park has a history of 125 years of tourism development, located in the Rocky Mountain Valley of Canada so it owns a beauty full of wild, liberal.
    Alternating with the magnificent mountains are the country roads that are winding, giving a special beauty to this place.
    To Jasper National Park, sitting on a boat adventure aboard the romantic Athabasca River will surely be an unforgettable experience in the hearts of tourists.

    10. Arrive at Laberge Lake overlooking the magnificent extremes

    Lake Laberge in the Yukon Teritory north of Canada, is one of the world's most amazing places to see the Arctic from the North Pole.
    Visitors coming in the daytime can access the city of Whitehorse to visit the historic museum and unwind in a natural hot-spring bath. Then drive to Laberge Lake to admire the beautiful light of the lights from the lights at night.

    Check in to retain the beautiful memories of Canada's most special destinations

    Of course, capturing beautiful pictures of the exotic Canadian destinations is a necessity. It is not only the most vivid evidence for you to have set foot in these beautiful locations, but also to record beautiful memories in your life, you believe that you will want to take a look at so many times again.
    Don't forget to wear the most beautiful outfits and a mind-flashed, same good camera to capture the most amazing picture shot !

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