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    Ancient with a unique architectural space imbued with Chinese pagodas, Kien An Cung Pagoda is a spiritual tourist destination but also interesting sightseeing in Dong Thap.

    Ancient temple sacred sacred

    This temple is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 2, the center of Sa Dec town. Kien An Cung architectural style of China because it was built by the Chinese in Fujian to settle down and live here. Because they worship Mr. Quach instead of Quan Cong like elsewhere, this temple is also known by locals as Mr. Quach. 
    For the Chinese in Sa Dec, Kien An Cung pagoda is not only a place to worship ancestors or teach later generations to remember the origin and preserve the national identity. In addition to the spiritual place, this place is also known as the place where people gather and organize events to connect the community, exchange information everyday with each other, etc. So for every ethnic Chinese this place has significance and great importance.
    Although it has existed for hundreds of years, the ancient features of this temple are still sustainable over time. Thanks to its unique architecture, this place is also considered as a typical work for the Chinese ethnic culture of the Fujian people, one of the three ethnic groups in Dong Thap. Since 1990, becoming a national-level historical monument recognized by the State, the tourist destination is extremely attractive to tourists in this land.

    Unique architecture

    To build Kien An Cung pagoda over a period of 3 years, the workers worked hard to create this iconic project. Today there have been many changes but from the material, the lines, the decorative patterns to the arrangement, ... Inside and out, you will feel like you are lost in the ancient space in the Chinese country right inside. Sa Dec's heart.
    From the outside you can see that the most impressive feature is the fence made of concrete, but painted in stylized blue that makes everyone think it is made of bamboo. Besides, the wall is also very low, not sealed, creating ventilation. From a distance, you can still see the majestic temple appearance in the campus filled with trees. 

    tran-kien-an-cung-sa-decPhoto: @thomas_leenhan

    In general, Kien An Cung Pagoda is built according to the Chinese word "工". Including 3 spaces with spacious and spacious cement yard, because the pagoda's face is turned to Cai Son canal. The unique feature is that the pagoda is supported by 12 large rows of black round columns made of sophisticated wood carving and paneled with inscriptions written in Chinese characters. But the structure is very solid and creates solemnity despite many remodeling.
    The roof itself is meticulously roofed, there are 3 layers from tile to brick finished the top tile wavy like dragon scales. At each corner were pointed and soaring upwards like a wave. On top of those 6 waves, there are also miniature palace models that look extremely magnificent and eye-catching. Symbolizing efforts to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

    The top part  of Kien An Cung Pagoda is covered with yin-yang tile, but the first part of each roof is roofed with tubular sheets. When you look up the middle you will see the moon flickering. The upper frame of the bar at the main door is set with a diaphragm with the name "Kien An Cung" in Chinese painted in gold. In addition, there are unicorns made of gold-plated wood, and delicate lotus flowers and birds.
    With the characteristics of the Chinese temple, so you can easily see that in front of the main door is a statue of two unicorns made of green stone. The two sides are pictures of Mr. Thien and Mr. Evil - two people guarding the temple. Through this door, you will go directly to the main hall, inside, there is an open yard like a skylight to help the air to be open when burning incense as well as the place of sacrifice to heaven and earth.
    The main hall of Kien An Cung Pagoda worships Mr. Quach with the pearl belt in the middle, the two sides on the right are Thanh Thuy To Su and Bao Sanh Dai De who hold majestic swords. The east and west corridors are the places where guests come to the temple to worship. On it were hung paintings of ink, Journey to the West, fairy tales, ... painted very vividly. Not only for decoration, it also contributes to conveying highly educational messages for future generations.
    The effort to create a spacious temple like this is immense. Besides workers in Vietnam, all kinds of materials, artists, masons, ... are brought from China over a long way. Although today An Kien has become one of the oldest temples, the colors, each decorative line or pictures in the temple are still not affected by time. Always shine and be a tourist attraction.

    Attend the festival at Kien An Cung Pagoda

    Not only architecture, this temple is also frequented by the people of Dong Thap. Especially on the important full moon days because this place is considered very sacred. Especially if you have the opportunity to return to Sa Dec to visit Kien An Palace Sa Dec  on 2 special days of February 22 and August 22 of the lunar calendar every year, you will be able to attend an extremely large sacrifice ceremony. 
    On the occasion of Mr. Guo's birth and enlightenment, not only Chinese but this place also attracts people from all over the country to visit and combine with the cult. Do not forget to attend the worship ceremony, please be happy to see how your fate is and pray for peace for yourself and your family. The temple is famous for sacred, so if you are sincere, you will achieve what you ask.


    Because this temple is located in the center of a large road surface in Sa Dec town, you can find your way easily. It is just 25 km away from the two big cities of Vinh Long and Can Tho. You can follow signs or search Google Maps to get to the temple by private means or bus.
    Travel to the West Sa Dec everyone is fascinated by this land full of nostalgia. Along with Sa Dec flower village, this temple will also make you have moments to visit and relax with fascinating ancient architecture.

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