• Chau Doc Fish Vermicelli - the popular taste once enjoyed and remembered!

    The ingredients are simple and easy to find, but the Chau Doc fish noodle dish of the Western region of the river contains the most quintessential and casual things of the Seven Mountains region.

    Western soul through each bowl of Chau Doc fish noodles

    Chau Doc is considered as the "capital" of An Giang tourism with poetic and peaceful landscapes that anyone who once visited will love it. Not only that, the cuisine here also leaves a great impression on tourists with dishes with bold flavors of the West. In that snakehead noodle dish with simple ingredients but sophisticated processing contains the most quintessential that no place has.
    Chau Doc fish noodle soup or vermicelli soup is famous throughout the Southwest and you can find it all over the country. But the simple fish noodles here have their own processing and special spices. Each of the typical ingredients wrapped in a hot noodles bowl is unmatched. It is the pride when talking about, the nostalgia that I feel when I go away, and I only hope to go home to enjoy my craving.

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    Anywhere you cook, you can cook it, but in order to produce a delicious fish noodle soup, it seems you can only find it when you come to Chau Doc. According to the people here, if you want to taste, you must choose the snakeheads. Many people have a habit of catching at the end of the year and leaving the viscous mucus of fish meat to be stronger and tougher. Through the new year, a pot full of boredom for the whole family. 
    The pot of water is also important, Chau Doc fish noodles are very sophisticated. Use boiled snakehead fish to sweeten the water, boil and remove foam continuously for many hours to not scum. Then add the fish sauce or fish sauce shrimp paste, lemongrass, turmeric and spices to taste. Especially unforgettable is the aromatic fresh golden wormwood so the pot of water wakes up smells and not fishy.
    This dish was originally originated from Cambodia, but after being imported into Vietnam, it is modified to fit. Nowadays, mentioning vermicelli, especially in Chau Doc region, all flavors and images of the West come back. Each of the copper fish, herbs and vegetables especially especially indispensable typical cotton only waters.
    When calling for Chau Doc fish vermicelli, the seller will put the noodles in a bowl, and put them on top of the nursery pieces. A little crazy cotton, laksa leaves, and a thick broth of thick, tangy aroma spreads to the tip of the nose to want to inhale forever. Order more plates of raw or lightly cooked vegetables to enjoy right away. 
    The people of Chau Doc also eat fish vermicelli with roasted pork, each piece of delicious meat is crunchy and bite into the mouth. You can add vermicelli or dipping sauce with fish sauce, add lemon, slices of chili. Slurry some water, take a bite of chewy and chewy fish meat with lemon and pepper. Every flavor that fills in the mouth makes it hard for anyone to enjoy once.
    Chau Doc fish noodle dish is simple and simple but it is the pride of the people of Bay Nui in particular and An Giang in general. Anyone who remembers away from home will remember forever, whenever it comes to this dish, the image of the steaming kitchen of grandma and mother appears. Then the eyes are spicy, because there is a new taste and familiar image that can't be found in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. 

    Special fish noodle shop in Chau Doc

    Back to Chau Doc, close to the border with Cambodia, you can find a fish noodle shop. However, there is a place that only a native can find, Mrs. Le's shop right in Chau Doc market. This special restaurant is famous because it only sells from 6 am every day and about 2 hours out of clean. Therefore, if anyone is not fast, it is difficult to have the opportunity to enjoy fish noodles in this restaurant.
    The reason for this unique feature is because this Chau Doc fish noodle shop has a particularly delicious flavor and the owner is friendly. The owner of this specialty shop has been selling for more than a decade from the time of carrying the everywhere, until it was widely opened. Noodles restaurant supports many people in the family, but it is also a familiar address for many generations of people in this area.
    The restaurant is crowded with curious customers, but most of the diners have for years been familiar with the idyllic setting with a happy hostess who were always enthusiastic and enthusiastic with customers. And best of all, I have a crush on the special taste that only here. Simple but sophisticated and delicious from the broth to the snakehead fish. If you have the opportunity to come here to try once, you will certainly be fascinated with the bowl of noodle soup, full of love for home cuisine. 
    If you feel claustrophobic with the crowded atmosphere in urban areas and want to go somewhere to relax and rest. Then do not hesitate to choose for yourself a Western tour to the land of Chau Doc. To get lost amidst the tranquil scenery of the green mountains and above all enjoy the simple fish noodle dish to soak up the love of the countryside with the honest, gentle people.

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