• Verdon Gorge - a blue 'Grand Canyon' of France

    Verdon Gorge is a famous tourist destination in France, where limestone cliffs as high as 700m form an impressive canyon.
    Verdon Gorge France is a famous tourist destination in Provence region, it is like the Grand Cayon of France, compared to the great Grand Canyon in the United States - one of the natural wonders of the world !

    The beauty of Verdon Gorge canyon - the place called 'Grand Canyon of Europe'

    250 million years ago, this area was underwater and after the process of tectonic rise and limestone peaks were formed. When the ice age appeared, the glaciers flowed through it, creating dramatic cliffs like you see today. This place is named after the beautiful turquoise water that flows through the canyon. Gorges du Verdon - means green gorges in French and blue comes from glacial minerals.
    Located north of the French coast and east of Provence, the Gorges Verdon gorge is the perfect trip to the south of France. This is one of the largest canyons in Europe and certainly one of the most beautiful places in France.
    The Verdon River, which flows through the canyon, begins its journey in the southwest of the Alps and flows 166 km before it joins the Durance near Vinon-sur-Verdon. You will be mesmerized by Verdon's emerald green water! This unique color is not due to any of your magic or imagination, the water is emerald green because of fluoride and certain types of microscopic algae in the river.

    Verdon Gorge Gorge - a blue Grand Canyon of FranceStanding on the tallest tree in Europe

    Not all beauty in the area of the Gorges Verdon gorge is natural, people have also contributed to enhancing the beauty of the landscape. There are five artificial lakes built on the river, the most famous of which is Lake Ste-Croix.
    Lake Ste-Croix appeared after the valley was flooded as a result of the Dam - Croix dam construction. Construction began in 1971 and was completed in 1975. Along with being one of the largest artificial lakes in France (about 10 km long and 3 km wide), it is also one of the newest.
    Besides being a freshwater reservoir for the whole region of Provence and ensuring electricity for the region, the lake has also become a popular tourist attraction. There are many sandy beaches on the turquoise waters of the lake and the lake is also quite popular for water sports fans. The beautiful turquoise of the lake is created by clay mines.

    What to do in Gorges Verdon gorge?

    Visit Aiguines for sports activities: Aiguines Village offers active tourists a wide selection of activities such as white kayaking, rowing, windsurfing and climbing. Extreme sports enthusiasts will enjoy bungee jumping from the Artuby Bridge, the highest bridge in Europe.
    Immerse yourself in the sun on the beaches of Cro Croix Lake: This lake offers a perfect environment to relax. Its beaches offer tranquility and beauty. Here, you can choose a location and turn it into your own!
    Try local cuisine: Gorges Verdon gorge is not a culinary destination, but France is special, dining places can be anywhere. Stop and walk, grab something to eat or drink, and enjoy the allure of local flavors. Try eating like a local in Provence. 
    Hiking in Verdon Gorges is breathtaking. You will need to be prepared to find the trail to reach the bottom of the canyon. The best way is to ask indigenous peoples because it is not clearly indicated
    Drive around: If you rent a car to explore around, it's a great idea. This area provides breathtaking views any way you go. At high altitudes, you can see the mountains and rivers winding below, but when you are lower, a whole new world opens up. Around the village of Aiguines, the scenery is breathtaking with the most beautiful lavender fields.
    Gorges Verdon Gorge in France, also known as the "Grand Canyon of Europe", deserves to be called the most attractive of Provence. The canyon is one of the most spectacular places in Europe. Verdon Gorges brings unparalleled beauty and tranquility. You can come on your own or combine with other attractions of the Provence region.

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