• Tre Viet tourist area - a weekend entertainment destination is only 15 km from Saigon

    Only about 15 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Tre Viet tourist area is a "hot" destination for young people every weekend. If you are planning to leave this weekend, find out details of entertainment services here!

    Where is the Tre Viet tourist site?

    Tre Viet tourist area (The Bamboo) is located at 25/9 Phuoc Luong Hamlet, Phu Huu Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province. Only about 15km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, this is a fun place chosen by young people for a weekend picnic, suitable for those who love the peaceful natural scenery.
    Starting from the center of Saigon city, drive a motorbike in the direction of District 2 via Cat Lai ferry, keep going about 400m, turn to Phan Van Dang street, about 300m will be your destination. It only takes a short traveling time, you can come to Tre Viet tourist area in Dong Nai.

    What is attractive in Tre Viet tourist area?

    With a total area of ​​up to 45,000m2, surrounded by waterways, rows of coconut curving soaring along the banks, Tre Viet tourist area bears the impression of the Southern river. It retains intact what belongs to nature with the architecture built entirely from bamboo to give visitors a pure Vietnamese space close and rustic.
    The impression of many tourists coming to Tre Viet for the first time is the scenery of a peaceful village that is hard to find in bustling Saigon. With the idea of ​​taking the bamboo tree as the key, Tre Viet has succeeded in creating an eco-tourism area that is both traditional and strong, bringing a modern direction, breaking the way, attracting a large number of tourists. Bamboo bushes, green coconut palms, tilt to reflect on the quiet lake surface. The thatched cottage roof always creates a sense of familiarity in the river countryside of the Southern region.
    Especially if you are a virtual living believer, you will definitely be conquered by artificial sand that people bring here to create a seascape. Long white sandy beach with soaring green coconut trees and many scenes that look like luxury resorts in Nha Trang beach! This is also the place where young people check - in a lot, where the birth of extremely "virtual" pictures. 

    Experience Tre Viet resort: costs, where to play, what to eat?

    The price list of Tre Viet Village Resort is something that many people are interested in when they want to come here to have fun, you can refer to the information below:
    - From Monday to Friday, only for Saturdays and Sundays open after 13:00: Entrance fee is 50,000 VND / person / ticket.
    - Saturday morning and Sunday ticket sales package is:
    • VND 330,000 / person / ticket: Entrance ticket, swimming pool, lunch buffet
    • VND 369,000 / person / ticket: Entrance ticket, swimming pool, lunch buffet, with many games: basket boat, kayak and water bicycle.
    • VND 630,000 / ticket of 2 people: entrance ticket, buffet, swimming pool.
    • VND 165,000 / ticket / child: entrance ticket, swimming pool, lunch buffet lunch.
    Tre Viet Tourism is a picnic complex including many entertainment activities, eating, swimming, ... very attractive. Coming to this Western setting, you will be able to participate in typical traditional games such as dinghy, rowing basket, ... Besides traditional games, the resort also has many games. 
    Price list of fun activities:
    - Water bicycle: 50,000 VND / unit
    - Wooden boat or basket boat: VND 20,000 / person or VND 80,000 / boat
    - Kayak: VND 120,000 / boat (minimum 2, maximum of 3 guests)
     -Tour sightseeing river: 60,000 VND / person (get 1 fresh coconut (minimum of 5 guests, maximum of 15 guests, every 45 minutes 1 departure))
    - Bamboo Yacht: 199,000 VND / boat / 5 guests
    In addition, visitors can swim at the pool, with daily cleaning, the pool is considered one of the cleanest and most secure swimming pools. In addition, the design of the pool is safe, suitable for children. So families with small children can comfortably bring their children to play without worry.
    Eating and drinking: When coming to Tre Viet tourist area , not only have fun but visitors also enjoy the extremely delicious and delicious Southern dishes. Especially, if you come to Tre Viet village on Saturday or Sunday, you will enjoy a buffet such as octopus, shrimp, grilled goby fish, shrimp salad with meat, spring rolls, spring rolls. Baked potato cake…
    Note when visiting Tre Viet tourist area
    - Tourists do not bring food and drinks from the outside to the inside of the resort should only bring drinking water
     - Tourists coming out of the ticket check-point are considered to end the tour, at that time, the entry ticket is no longer valid.

    Room rates at Tre Viet resort

    Here visitors can choose the service of accommodation at the hut or Tre Viet hotel
    Hut area
    The hut at Tre Viet tourist village is a system of floating houses, with the interior interior is gently decorated, close to nature like floating bamboo tents on the river. The cool scenery with coconut palms swaying in the wind and rustic bamboo huts will surely bring you a relaxing and unforgettable feeling.
    Tre Viet Hotel
    Rooms at Tre Viet are designed in the style as its name "Tre Viet" minimalist combined with the rustic of a village gives visitors a sense of relaxation and extremely comfortable. With an airy and quiet space, the view is a cool green space, sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers. This must be an ideal destination suitable for resting and rebalancing life. The resort's hotel is located in Phuoc Luong Hamlet, Phu Huu Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province. 
    A lot of tourists come here to comment on Tre Viet tourist resort which owns a cool space, close to nature and has quite good service. Tre Viet Resort promises to be an ideal weekend picnic place with loved ones and friends!

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