• Tourism Volendam - the water town of the Netherlands

    Travel Volendam to explore the large painted wooden houses along the dyke, or watch the small, horizontal Doolhof.
    Travel Volendam - a small town on Lake Ijmeer and located about 22km north of Amsterdam. Before the sea dyke separating Bac Hai and Ijmeer Lake, the fishing villages in the town lived on water fishing and fishing.
    However, until now when the dike was built, Volendam has attracted tourists, becoming an attractive destination for Dutch tourists , to explore the large wooden houses painted with traditional Nordic style. lying along the dyke surface, or watching the small, horizontal Doolhof. And at the end of every morning, the eel fishing boats come back from the night, visitors can participate in the fair at the port, with the bustling and exchanging sounds of fishermen. 
    The Netherlands is a country with 27% of the territory is below sea level, which is why the attractions on the water surface are extremely variable in this country. About 60% of the Dutch population lives on land below the surface of the sea, and in order to survive, the Dutch built dikes to prevent sea water and create high-lying areas that can be inhabited. 
    And the country of the windmill is also known as a country that has established a miracle for dike construction, and these landmarks also become a landmark for Dutch tourism including Volendam tourism .

    How to get to Volendam?

    You can drive a car from the center of Amsterdam, then park your car in the parking lot area of ​​the Volendam museum. Parking is free here for an hour and a half. Or if you go by bus, there are four flights 312, 316 connecting the central station to Volendam. Price of 5 Euro / time.
    Alternatively, you can choose to travel by train to Marken - the Volendam Marken Express train ticket costs 7.5 Euro for adults, 5 Euro for children.

    Discover the town on the Volendam water

    The town of Volendam is located on the North coast, about 1 hour drive from Amsterdam and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site thanks to the sea dikes and the cultural and historical values ​​preserved until present.
    Volendam and the dike prevent the invasion of the sea, sweeten the swampy area of ​​the town and make it gradually revitalized, cultivable and cultivating for immigrants in the Netherlands. 
    Standing on the dike surface, visitors will feel very clearly the "difference" of the sea surface outside the dike compared to the town surface inside the dike. The sea level outside the dyke is about 5m higher than the surface of residential areas inside the dyke. This means that if this dike breaks, the whole town of Volendam will be submerged.
    In Volendam, the dyke body is home to small, beautiful, and beautifully decorated wooden houses. They are shops selling souvenirs, traditional costumes, specialty cheese ... and restaurants serving seafood specialties. Volendam has a picturesque marina that attracts many world famous painters to visit and paint. 

    Volendam Netherlands TourismTown on the river

    Traveling to Volendam , visitors also learn about the missionary history of Roman Catholicism. It is home to many Catholic-related relics, most notably the Church of Our Lady of the Water, honoring St. Hille Kok, a beautiful and sacred relic located in a park in the heart of town. .
    Travel Volendam do not forget the Volendam Museum, which holds about 4,000 paintings painted by famous and anonymous artists about this town "below sea level". In addition, there are paintings by Picasso and Renoir, who stayed here for a long time to draw pictures of the harbor, the wooden houses protruding.
    Every year, the small town of Volendam attracts visitors from near and far, thanks to the ancient beauty of a fishing fleet of 240 boats, and stands on the harbor with nearly 700 years of age. 
    The image of the Dutch girl at Volendam becomes even more clear and impressive, by the seductive women with traditional Dutch costumes with a dotted skirt, dotted with an apron and a hat. Pointed bonnet and wooden clogs that many women in Volendam still wear often. 

    What to eat in Volendam?

    In the small town, famous for a dining restaurant, the place frequented by the artist Pablo Picasso, and of course the best combo of Pablo Picasso, is also served the restaurant that often suggests that customer. The golden beer is like honey and is known as the region's best draft beer.
    To travel Volendam the town of craft fishing, of course not to be missed dishes from fresh seafood, swampy area of Volendam famous for eel is processed into many types of eating nicely Visitors can try.

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