• Visit the An Hien garden house - A peaceful corner in Hue city

    If you are interested in the traditional form of garden house to find about the old and peaceful things, when traveling to Hue, do not forget to visit An Hien garden house - the most typical house among garden houses. 
    An Hien is one of the most famous garden houses in Hue , located at 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune; not far from Thien Mu Pagoda and present towards the poetic Huong River. In the ancient capital trip, besides visiting citadels, tombs or palaces, do not forget to find An Hien to feel the difference. For more than a century, this house still retains the quintessence.
    An Hien garden house was built in the late nineteenth century designed the model of Hue garden architecture, and strongly influenced . According to records, the first owner of the house was the 18th princess of King Duc Duc and this place was the princess palace. Over many times of ownership, ownership is still in the hands of the prince, the elite in Hue. The person who has been attached to this house for the longest time has to talk about Mrs. Dao Thi Xuan Yen - inheriting the inheritance of her husband, the week of Ha Tinh's death in 1940. At that time, An Hien was not only a private residence but also a place. Despite over a century of existence, the architectural space of the house retains its ancient characteristics to this day.
    The building complex is nearly 5,000 m2 with architecture and nature blending. Step through the simple arches made of mortar and lime, you can walk on the road longer than 20m, surrounded by white plum trees interwoven into the shade.
    From there go to the vase with the shape of "Tho" meticulously sculpted, right behind is a rectangular lake with lotus, water lilies and ornamental plants around, in front of a spacious 135 house.
    The main function of this house is to worship and receive guests, hundreds of delegations have come here to learn about the culture, including VIP and foreign delegations traveling and working in Hue.
    The small, beautiful old house has tiled roofs, the roofs are flanked by dragon flanking, in the middle of the roof is the lotus shape. The entire frame is made of wood inside, in the middle there is an altar decorated according to the principle of "pre-Buddha Buddhism" (worshiping Buddha first, ancestors behind). The compartments are arranged with tables and chairs and tea cups of Kim Long origin, the house also hangs noble paintings: 4 words "Van Vo Trung Hieu" by King Bao Dai for his family in 1937 and many poems by King Thanh Thai.
    There are 48 columns with the system of rafters made of jackfruit wood, wooden planks in the house. Each pattern on the column, because the rafters are exquisitely carved; Furniture and precious memorabilia of the Nguyen court are neatly and tidy arranged.
    Two leaners built on the principle of "left and right boys and girls" - the living place of men on the left, women on the right according to the feudal conception.
    Visit the An Hien garden house - A peaceful corner in Hue cityPhotographed by the lake in front of the house
    Not only front, around the house is a garden with four green trees of all four seasons; many precious varieties of 3 regions were brought to focus here. The North is rich with tea, strawberry ... of the Central, many trees are in their dozens of years old. An Hien garden house can be said as an ecological space, converging the flavor of 4 seasons.
    Previously this place was not a prominent destination but since the event of promoting Vietnamese - Korean culture called "The muse of Hue", An Hien became prominent in the eyes of tourists, a tourist destination, especially for those who want to explore the ancient capital of two centuries ago. With only 20,000VND / person to freely explore this beautiful campus, a small tip is that there are no valet parking, the means to lock yourself carefully outside the gate!
    After more than a hundred years of existence are ups and downs and changes of history, only An Hien remains intact, despite the harsh cover of calm and calm time in front of a growing Hue city. An Hien garden house is not only a typical home for the old garden style, the architecture blends beautifully with poetic landscapes along with the unique features of this destination every day contributing to Hue tourism. How beautiful and attractive!

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