• Discover the beauty of Thien An hill Hue - Dalat miniature in the heart of the ancient capital

    Thien An Hill Hue is a perfect suggestion for young people who love to travel, explore new places mixed with a bit of wild nature and a cold climate.

    Thien An Hill Hue - New tourist destination of the ancient capital

    The ancient capital of Hue is not only famous for its ancient citadel, Thien Mu pagoda and temples, tombs but also the land of immense pine forests and beautiful winding roads with climate. That interesting land, named Thien An hill , is located in the middle of ancient Hue dreaming. Anyone who has ever come to this hill thinks that this place is not inferior to the foggy country of Dalat.
    Thien An Hill Hue is becoming a tourist destination Hue attracts visitors from all over the country, especially the young people because it has a gentle but romantic scene with countless photo angles "live virtual tossing pan". 
    If you have the opportunity to set foot in the dreamy Hue and have visited the ancient and quiet Citadel, visit the sacred Thien Mu Pagoda located on the banks of the Perfume River, admire the many mausoleums of the Nguyen kings and want to find a Newer place to mingle with pure nature, don't forget Thien An Hill Hue .
    In addition to the beautiful scenery, this hill, dubbed the Little Dalat, is also an ideal dating place for couples in love. Because in the middle of the deep space, the cool air, nothing is more wonderful to be with the person you love.
    In addition, Thien An Hue hill is also a place that can comfort the lost, lonely souls ... Du is still lonely, just think of a beautiful weekend, you can carry your backpack and go.

    khue-pha-ve-dep-dep-do-thien-an-hue5Hurry up to the beautiful Thien An Hue hill and enjoy virtual life, beat up your troubles.

    Thien An Mountain has a combination of a little wild, magical with airy and cool look that makes people feel more comfortable and optimistic. Hurry up to this beautiful hill and "say goodbye" to the town's troubles.

    The way to Thien An Hill in Hue

    Thien An Hill in Hue is located about 10km south of Hue city center. This famous Hue tourist spot is located in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien - Hue. There are many paths to this place.
    Our job is just to choose for themselves a fast and convenient way for us to arrive. If coming from the center of Hue city, you can go straight to Dien Bien Phu street. When you reach the end of the road you will see a fork. From here you will turn right to Le Ngo Cat street. Going for a further segment, remember to turn left on Minh Mang Street and then continue for about 2-3 km to reach. When coming to Minh Mang, remember to pay attention because this road will go through the famous Nam Giao herd in Hue ancient capital so you can spend more time stopping to visit here.
    The road to Thien An Hue hill has the beauty of attracting tourists' eyes with thousands of green pine trees following the wind all day and night. Adorning the beauty of this place are winding, winding roads, making an unforgettable impression to visitors, making Thien An's beauty more lyrical and captivating. The climate on the hill is extremely cool and pleasant. This is an ideal destination for tourists from far away, a place to rest for tired feet after a long journey to discover Hue and Hue cuisine .

    Attractive stops at Thien An Hill Hue

    Thien An Hill Hue has a cool year-round climate with just enough cold. Next to the towering hills of green pine trees, Thien An Monastery lies quietly in the reflection of the park  of Thuy Tien Lake, creating a charming landscape picture that captivates visitors. Let's set foot on the winding roads to step in to discover the beauty of this romantic hill.

    Thien An pine hill

    Located at a quite high position, Thien An hill is surrounded by many trees, especially pine trees. Pine grows into a forest but is not too dense, making the air here somewhat airy with a bit of chill, making the heart more relaxed and calm. Perhaps that is why for a long time, this place has been associated with beautiful memories of local students.
    This is a familiar place to camp, showing your passion for "virtual life" with your accomplices. The beauty of Thien An Hue hill has always been intact in the hearts of generations of Hue students ever. Sitting under the rows of green pine trees and taking time to listen to the sound of pine trees in the wind, slowly inhaling every scent of pine resin ... will help you feel the clarity and peace of nature.
    The winding paths leading to the meandering pine hill mingle with the special scenery created by pine forests that make many tourists think of the dreamy land of Da Lat with pine and flowers.

    Thien An Monastery

    On Thien An hill, there is another must-visit destination, Thien An Monastery. This place is considered a place of mindfulness hidden secretly, located in a wild, pristine pine forest on Thien An hill in Hue . Covered by pine forests with thousands of winds, the atmosphere at the monastery campus is extremely airy. Add to that the strange but familiar beauty of the Asian oriental monastery that will definitely make you fall in love with "forget the way home".
    Just like the road to the pine hill, to reach the monastery, visitors also have to climb many winding steps making the body easily tired but the reward for each person is the dreamy, magical view of the road.  Do not forget to pick up some pine cones along the way as a souvenir as well as a "virtual" props for people to "admire" for your wonderful trip.
    Thien An Monastery is a special Catholic monastery because it has Asian architecture and has a long history of construction. In 1940, the French monks opened and built the monastery.
    During times of war and natural disasters, the monastery was repeatedly damaged. It was not until after 1975 that the monastery was reconstructed and expanded again. From 1994 up to now, Thien An monastery has kept its unique architecture including retreats, bell tower and chapel.
    Set amidst a peaceful and poetic setting in an area of ​​about 60 hectares, with its unique architecture and distinctive beauty, captivating the heart, Thien An Monastery has become a popular tourist destination in Hue. Guests love it and come back many times.
    When visiting the monastery, be sure to ask the monks for permission to visit the bell tower. This will be an unforgettable experience because when standing on the top floor of the tower, amidst the lush green forest with the vast sky and scenery outside and hear the patter of pine, you will feel like you're standing. on the blue clouds, a little lonely but free and no longer any restrictions.

    The abandoned water park Ho Thuy Tien

    The land known as "Dalat in Hue" is not only a romantic green pine hill or taciturn Thien An Monastery but also extremely famous for the beautiful, mysterious beauty of Thuy Tien Lake water park .
    Nearly 20 years ago, Ho Thuy Tien Park was built in the middle of Thien An Hue hill with the expectation that it will be a vibrant highlight for the poetic and tranquil landscape here. Therefore, investors have created an entertainment area with quite expensive and time-consuming construction items such as aquariums, water parks, lake yachts, water music stage. However, for many reasons the complex did not go into operation and was gradually forgotten.
    The horror scenes in Thuy Tien Lake Park are somewhat cold, lying lonely in the wilderness of pine forests. Therefore, visitors come here easily to think of "immortal" ghost houses or villas in the cold land of Dalat. The ghostly images of Thuy Tien Lake make young people constantly "whistling" about the wild beauty that is extremely mysterious here.
    Thanks to Thuy Tien lake, Thien An Hue hill has become more and more popular recently. Especially since appearing on famous foreign newspapers, the park has become a hot tourist destination in Hue. This place has become a virtual check-in and attraction place to attract many young people, including foreign tourists coming to Hue. Although Hue tours can not include this attractive destination in the tourist itinerary, this attractive place does not reduce the attraction and interest of young people for it.

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