• Join friends to play Lai Thieu eco-tourism site in Da Nang

    Lai Thieu eco-tourism area in Da Nang city has always been an attractive tourist destination for domestic tourists. Different landscape, fresh space is what visitors will feel most clearly. 

    Address of Lai Thieu eco-tourism site

    Da Nang is blessed with a beautiful landscape, one side is a mountain on one side and the sea is sunny with sunshine and gold. Thanks to the cool climate all year round, Da Nang tourism always attracts a large number of tourists from both domestic and foreign. In which, Lai Thieu eco-tourism area has emerged as a phenomenon among young people.

    Join friends to bomb the Lai Thieu eco-tourism area in Da NangYou will be immersed in the natural landscape (Photo: @ giaodong1412)

    Only less than 30km from the city , Da Nang, Lai Thieu Danang eco-tourism area is located in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang City. With a unique style, unique identity has been contributing to create a green tourism population of Danang City. With an area of ​​up to 50 hectares, Lai Thieu ecological area is located near the famous tourist destinations in Da Nang such as Suoi Doi, Ngam Doi, Suoi Hoa, Ba Na Hills, ...
    In addition to being a recreation area, this is also a place to collect, preserve and preserve the unique fruit trees of all regions across the country. Including a number of rare and nearly impossible to find trees. After more than 10 years of collecting and searching, the resort now has more than 120 different varieties of fruit trees to be planted here. Reconstructing the Guol house on stilts of the Co-ethnic people to preserve the culture and identity of the Co-ethnic people is a new feature in this mountainous tourist area.
    Thanks to the appearance of the Lai Thieu ecological zone, the west of Da Nang has its own distinctive features, forming a green space complex for sightseeing and relaxation of all visitors, increasing the diversity of the production chain. This place was built in the direction of green - clean - beautiful, rural nature with fresh, cool scenery.

    Experience traveling to Lai Thieu eco-tourism area

    Visitors to Lai Thieu eco-tourism area are allowed to enjoy any season of the year, but the most crowded time is in June to September every year because this is a summer vacation for many people. You will come here to feel a fresh atmosphere, trees laden with branches, clear to cool blue streams, grassy trees with leaves and flowers blooming with ancient houses, interwoven with bamboo huts and leaves. You like to return to childhood, young buffalo innocence as ever. 
    Here you can see firsthand, explore and learn and enjoy the sweet taste of rare fruits typical of every region in the country that you may not have known before. This is a special orchard recognized by Guiness Vietnam as a tourist area with the most fruit trees in Vietnam.

    What to play at Lai Thot ecotourism?

    When coming to Lai Thieu eco- tourism area, visitors cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious fruits at the Southern garden. Not only playing a role in protecting the forest, Lai Thieu Danang eco-tourism area also focuses on the development of green systems so a series of fruit trees across the country are brought here to cultivate, preserve, in There are also rare plants.
    As soon as you enter the Da Nang eco-tourism area , you will feel like you are lost in the wild, vast natural forest, fresh air without smoke, chirping birds. You will stroll around the small winding path between the streams, watching the ancient house of the Co Tu people, flowers and bamboo hut extremely romantic.
    Lai Thieu Eco-Eco Resort is suitable for pupils and students to organize a sightseeing together, have the opportunity to research and explore more rare plants that the city does not have. Moreover, Lai Thieu is also suitable for those who love to explore, a dynamic young group to picnic, picnic, play and participate in teambuilding to increase team spirit. Come to Lai Thieu, remember fishing and boating.

    What to eat when traveling to Lai Thieu?

    After playing in the interesting entertainment at Lai Thieu ecotourism area, everyone feels hungry and wants to eat immediately. Therefore, the restaurant on the campus has prepared a menu of Western countryside dishes such as eel, snails, frogs, forest vegetables, etc. The highlight is the extremely attractive chicken specialties.

    Some notes when coming to Lai Thieu eco-tourism area

    Should call the management of Lai Thieu ecotourism area in advance so that the schedule is not
    changed. Make sure to bring necessary household items and personal belongings if you are traveling overnight, Lai Thieu is quite large, so it takes 2 to 3 days to fully discover
    Fully charge the phone battery, memory capacity comfortable to save beautiful photos
    Hopefully the information in the article about Lai Thieu eco-tourism area and playing experience will help you with your upcoming trip. Do not miss this tourist destination, especially on holidays or weekends, you will surely have unforgettable memories with your friends and relatives here.

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