• Dragon Bridge Danang - magnificent beauty reaches the international level

    Not only is the project connecting the two banks of the Han River, but Da Nang Dragon Bridge is also the pride and symbol of this central region.
    Not only is the project connecting the two banks of the Han River, but Da Nang Dragon Bridge is also the pride and symbol of this central region. Possessing a unique and rare beauty that attracts tourists to visit and check-in. 

    Information about Danang Dragon Bridge

    As one of the nine bridges spanning the Han River connecting two important roads, Vo Van Kiet and Nguyen Van Linh. It is also the first bridge in Southeast Asia to be built in a single steel arch. Dragon Bridge was officially started construction in July 2009 with a total investment of over VND 1,700 billion. 
    To go to Danang Dragon Bridge you just need to go along Tran Hung Dao route or 2/9 road. This bridge is also one of the rare representatives of Vietnam to win many important international awards such as: 
    - Register the world GUINNESS record as "The biggest steel dragon".
    - 2013 and 2014 won the World Design Awards in the category of works with the best lighting design.
    - July 2014 - top 20 most beautiful bridges in the world voted by CNN, ...

    The great meaning of Dragon Bridge

    For the people of Da Thanh in particular and Vietnam in particular, the birth of the Dragon Bridge has a very important meaning in terms of economy, culture and tourism. The bridge is circulated to help travel between the two sides of the Han River faster and easier, avoiding congestion.
    Besides, this is also an attractive symbolic destination, attracting domestic and international tourists to visit. Becoming a place that everyone wants to come to once to admire the unique beauty of Danang Dragon Bridge .
    The image of the bridge with the winding dragon, looking from afar at first glance, is as if it is preparing to rise up from the Han River. Like the desire to rise, demonstrating the great power of Danang.
    Dragon Bridge in Da Nang contributes a great significance and economic development, tourism. As well as bringing the image of the land here to more with international friends. Became one of the hottest destinations in the world over the years.

    Impressive design only available at Danang Dragon Bridge

    Possessing a bold and unique design of "1 no 2" in the world, the bridge is made entirely of steel and concrete but capable of withstanding quite a heavy weight. The total length is greater than 666 meters, up to nearly 40 meters wide with a weight of 9,000 tons.

    cau-rong-da-nang-4The Dragon of the Ly Dynasty was meticulously designed

    The bridge is divided into 2 sides, 3 lanes on each side. The outermost is tiled with red bricks for pedestrians with a width of 2 meters. The design of Danang Dragon Bridge is a smooth combination of tradition and modernity.
    The dragon with the characteristic yellow inspired by the Ly Dynasty dragon with the stylized tail from the national flower. Outside, 5-layer exterior paint is both durable and sharp. Not only that, the bridge is also equipped with modern lighting system with more than 15,000 LEDs. 
    A special feature attracts visitors to the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang also because the dragon's head has a unique ability to spray water and fire. Create engaging performances at night. 
    Dragon Bridge was made with the unique blend of "Heavenly weather." Geography Harmony ". This architecture is still an important and irreplaceable iconic imprint. 

    Points to note when visiting Dragon Bridge

    What time does Dragon Bridge spray fire?

    During the day, watching from a distance, the Dragon Bridge glows a whole corner of the sky, and at night it becomes more fanciful with a performance of fire and water spray. Together with the light dance, the music creates a lively party.
    You can go to Dragon Bridge Da Nang to admire the fire screen, spray water every Saturday night, Sunday as well as major holidays. The time took place at 21:00 with 18 sprays and 3 sprays afterwards.

    The place to watch Da Nang Dragon Bridge is the most beautiful

    When night falls, the building impresses those who admire. Within a radius of 300 meters, you can enjoy this unique performance at a number of venues such as:
    - View from above of high-rise buildings overlooking the area of ​​Dragon Bridge. Here you will be able to just enjoy your drinks, just watch the fire without having to squeeze.
    - Walking Street of Bach Dang Street is located directly opposite the Dragon Bridge. Just strolling around, watching the Han River shimmering. Just watching the whole scene from a distance.
    - Watching fire-breathing dragons from aboard.
    - The area at the foot of the Dragon Bridge on Tran Hung Dao Street, the location is quite ideal with close distance to be able to see the whole scene above the performance.
    - Standing on Da Nang Dragon Bridge to watch fire-breathing dragons are also many choices. Because at this time the two sides of the bridge will be blocked to prohibit the traffic, so you can walk up. 
    Skillful design imbued with national identity with great pride. Dragon Bridge promises to be a favorite destination for Da Nang tourists and makes an impressive contribution to this place.

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