• Explore 'Miniature Europe' in the French village a top Ba Na

    If you have the dream to come to France to see the villas, the squares of the royal palace are set in beautiful natural scenery. So you do not need to go far, go to Ba Na Hill amusement park and immediately discover a "miniature Europe" in the French village to have a great experience like being in France!

    Where is the French village of Da Nang?

    The French village is located in the area of ​​Ba Na Hill entertainment area - a destination that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists of Da Nang during the past time. Ba Na Hill amusement area is 21,000 m2 built by Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort. This work was inspired by the novel "Journey to the center of the earth" and "Two thousand miles under the sea" by the French writer Jules Verne. In the amusement park, the French village occupies 4.5 hectares of area with a total investment of about 70 million USD.
    Arriving in the French village on the top of Ba Na Hill , you seem to be lost in a completely different fairy paradise amidst the fanciful smog of ancient castles. This place is also an ideal destination for those who want to find a place to relax, relax after hard working days or those who are passionate about discovering ancient European architecture.

    What is 'hot' in French village of Ba Na Hill?

    The French village is designed with 7 main areas, each of which is a piece of music with different levels and colors. When you come here, you can admire an elegant France, proud with the ancient architectural complex of St Denis Church, Chateau De Chenonceau castle, ... or a peaceful and romantic France with the old village. 
    If you've had fun in the French village of Da Nang , you definitely have to visit the following highlights: the old French town of Britany with thick stone walls with sharp sloping roofs and vast, spacious courtyards. St Denis Street with a quiet, peaceful space, Chateau De Chenonceau castle with astonishing beauty and elegance, ancient and finally the small Apremont sur Allier village with peaceful space and scenery untouched. 
    Discover the French village on Ba Na HillSt. Denis Basilica (Photo @ august_dung88)
    In addition, you can also stop by the Postal Café to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the cold air of Ba Na Hill and drop your soul to the melodious French melodies, soaring through the music of the people street doctor.
    French village on Ba Na mountain  becomes more and more fanciful when night falls. The full moon shone golden light on the ancient towers, staining the trees and spreading the stone roads. What a "French atmosphere", isn't it.
    In the scene of Ba Na Hills, living in the space of French Village, you seem to be slowing down, feeling a very personal flavor of lightness, depth and purity, full of emotion. Not only the beautiful natural scenery, world-class facilities and services, French Village - Ba Na Hills attracts visitors by the aroma of coffee shops, quiet stone roads or simply pineapples Casual flowers along the way.
    In addition, there is also a Ba Na Hill spiritual area suitable for travelers who want to find a quiet place to be able to relax peacefully before the beauty of nature and sky.
    In addition to the French village on the top of Ba Na Hill, you can also visit some other famous places in the playground area such as Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda, Buddha Statue of Shakyamuni, old French wine cellar, flower garden. 

    What to eat when visiting Ba Na Hill village?

    After a tiring day of visiting, having been drunken with alcohol after the jubilant dances in the  French village , we must find a place to "tighten" the stomach. In French village, there is a restaurant system serving many delicious dishes made by many culinary experts in the world. Along with professional service style ensures to bring you the most perfect experience.
    In addition, the French village in Da Nang  also has a system of lovely, unique European-style cafes. Each shop is decorated with a different style so you can freely "live virtual" with the "extreme" views here. In addition, do not forget to sip some strange and delicious drinks and watch the poetic and ancient beauty of the French village!
    The French village in Ba Na Hill deserves to be a fairy-tale burial place on earth, isn't it? Come here to be back to childhood through idyllic images, quiet paved roads or simple flowers along the road and to enjoy the warm taste of coffee cups. Visiting the French village , you will feel a gentle, deep and pure life full of emotions, not only by the beautiful natural scenery but also by the world-class facilities and services. 

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