• Celebrate Christmas at the winter festival in Ba Na Hills

    Coming to Ba Na Hill to feel the Christmas atmosphere is coming will definitely be a great experience this winter! The ongoing Winter Festival in Ba Na Hills 2020 will open a journey to explore the winter of white snow!
    In the last days of December, you have visited Ba Na Hills tourist area , if not yet, hurry to experience the winter festival atmosphere in Ba Na Hills extremely new and unique. 
    At Sun World Ba Na Hills resort (Da Nang), the festival taking place from November 20 to December 31 is an opportunity for you to embark on a fascinating journey to explore Europe. Coming here, you will easily feel the Christmas atmosphere crept around the corner of Sun World Ba Na Hills.

    Winter Festival in Ba Na Hills what is special?

    If you are wishing to come to the country of white snow, Ba Na Hills on this occasion will satisfy that dream with a series of unique events taking place during festivals. The space is luxuriously decorated, sweet and extremely romantic. Besides, the musicals are elaborately invested, attractive to each moment.

    Winter festival in Ba Na HillsSweet winter festival hard to resist on top of Ba Na

    Opening the journey to explore the country of white snow at  this year's winter festival in Ba Na Hills  , visitors will not be surprised to be welcomed by funny reindeer, witty snowmen, white snowflakes.
    It is still a journey to ride halfway through the mountain clouds on the small but pretty different cable car cabins. It is a bustling journey, filled with the joyful sound of the typical Christmas melodies. More interestingly, the lucky tourists will "meet" the special cabin decorated with Christmas, so that not only have great moments to enjoy Ba Na mountain clouds from above in the atmosphere of the flood season.
    The red color stains the spaces, leading visitors to adventure in a brilliant European Christmas season in the middle of the tropics. The bright red of poinsettia flowers as high as 3 meters high in the Bordeaux Station area, the vibrant red of a heart model was created from hundreds of poinsettias in front of the Saint Denis Basilica area. The green color on the pine trees is decorated with fussy among the fountains, the platinum white, the brilliant golden gold of sparkling cherries ... as the point of adding joyful and lively features for the special festival season of the area. 
    Noel Square is more magnificent than ever and will definitely become a destination not to be missed in this year's Christmas season, with a giant 20m high pine tree always sparkling in the space filled with "Christmas color", like bringing the whole of Europe far to the summit of Mount God. On this side are stalls made of huge orange and orange pumpkins displaying eye-catching souvenirs, on the other side of the white snow house, inviting, like hiding interesting secrets waiting for people to search. In one corner, the reindeer and all the fun, reunited, brought the breath of life overflowing warmly.
    Meanwhile, Du Dôme Square in the Ba Na Hills winter festival  opens an ancient, magical Europe in the cold winter. Covered in the pure white of countless floating snowflakes, the towering castle towering in the clouds and the colors of the winter, the melodious Christmas melody brings visitors to the emotionally peaceful domain.
    Along with the colorful and attractive space, Ba Na Hills Winter Festival also attracts visitors with 3 elaborate and elaborate art shows: "Handling in the Mirror", "Happy Land" and "Snow White Queen".
    Following the success of the world-class art show "Sunshine Dance" at Sun World Ba Na Hills last time, 3 winter shows will take tourists on a trip to the white snow, joining in the joyful life. Each play is a combination of many art forms such as dance, magic, circus ... elaborately staged, bringing fresh emotions to viewers. The three art shows will be performed at different time frames and locations from 10:00 to 14:30 daily.
    In addition to many lively Christmas spaces, with funny shapes, there is a discovery that any visitor, from children to the elderly will love when coming to this year's Winter Festival in Bana, it was a visit to the "red house" of the Santa Family.
    There, visitors will witness the warm and prosperous life of Christmas of the world's most famous family - the old man and Santa. A winter garden where reindeer and animals are gathered. The bright red house warms all hearts with warm pink fire and carefully wrapped Christmas gifts. Take a picture and tell the world that you've just come to Europe to take a snowy vacation with the Santa family, why not?
    Coming to this year's Ba Na Hills Winter Festival  , you can not only enjoy the vibrant festival but also the romantic moments of flying mist, the sweet and cool cold of Christmas. Coming to this resort in the winter once, you have the opportunity to wear a warm towel in the wind, capture beautiful winter photos that the South did not have.
    In addition, another destination in Danang in this year's festival not to be missed is Sun World Danang Wonders. Coming here, you will be able to visit Santa's gift workshop space with playful and colorful styles and "giant" models in the city gate area, fountains and Santas Village ...
    Are you ready for  the Ba Na Hills winter festival ? Do not forget to put on a warm coat, put on the neck of a wool scarf, hand in hand with your loved ones to share these special winter moments at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

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