• Alexandre III Bridge - a destination not to be missed when traveling to Paris France

    Today, when the splendid Paris city of France is becoming a favorite tourist destination of people near and far, the Alexandre III bridge is the place that attracts the most tourists to visit.

    Introduction of Alexandre III bridge 

    The Alexandre III Bridge (French name Pont Alexandre-III) crosses the poetic Seine River , located between District 7 and District 8 of Paris, France. 
    This bridge was started in May 1897 by two engineers Jean Résal, Amédée d'Alby and architects Cassien-Bernard and Gaston Cousin, but in October 1896, the first stone was laid. 
    This is also a symbol of friendship between Russia and France because it is a gift from Emperor Alexander III to France on the occasion of the International Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

    Alexandre III Bridge - a destination not to be missed when traveling to Paris FranceA beautiful view on the bridge (Photo @ art_mony_92)

    Not only considered a historical monument of France, the Alexandre III bridge was also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1990.

    Unique and impressive architecture of Alexandre III bridge 

    To build this bridge requires architects and engineers to be extremely careful and delicate because its height is not allowed to cover the famous landscapes around.
    The historic Alexandre-III bridge is made of metal, 40 meters wide, 6 meters high, has a single span of 107 meters long with three connecting points and no supports in the middle. Not having a huge and giant architecture, the construction of the bridge also lasted nearly 3 years by elaborate and meticulous details on the bridge.
    All the lampposts placed on the bridge have an impressive New Art style. If you look closely, you'll see on the left column downstream of the Seine: "On April 14, 1900, President of the Republic of France Émile Loubet opened the World Exhibition and inaugurated the Alexandre III Bridge". Standing here taking a commemorative photo is definitely not bad.
    The highlight of the Alexandre III bridge that everyone is attracted to is that the sculptures of the little angel, the gilded bronze goddess are exquisitely designed and have the unique style of different artists. 
    Ensuring the sophistication of statues such as "La France de la Renaissance" (France of the Renaissance), the winged horse with the angel holding a trumpet "La Renommée des Arts" (the fame of the art) ), the boy and the lion "Lion à l" enfant "(lion and child)," La France de Louis XIV "(France of Louis 14) or the" Le Roi Soleil "(sun king) will make you gaze into fascination.
    All the dedication and dedication of the people who designed and built Alexandre III Bridge makes it the most beautiful of the 35 bridges in the beautiful French capital Paris .

    Experiences not to be missed when visiting bridges

    Located in one of the most favorable locations in Paris, connecting the Grand Palace and the Little Palace (on the right bank of the river) to the Invalides (on the left bank of the river) and near famous French buildings such as the Eiffel Tower , Champs Élysées avenue, Concorde square ... so it is not difficult to understand when the Alexandre III bridge in Paris  attracts many tourists to visit every year.
    Standing on the bridge, you can comfortably capture the majesty of the Eiffel Tower, the extravagant luxuries of Champs Élysées avenue as well as the vast space of Concorde square .
    Owning such an ancient beauty, the Alexandre III French Bridge has become a destination for couples to choose to send gold to save the sacred wedding photos of their life.
    It is this beauty that made her "English folk song" Adele chose this bridge as the ideal location to film the MV "Someone Like You". Or in some famous movie works, both France and other countries have also appeared the holy image of this bridge.
    Standing here and save a few pictures of "so deep" sorrowful, make sure the image must be called "million likes" always.
    This historic building is so famous that the Fragnée Bridge in the Belgian city of Liège has also been modeled for its construction.
    You have been told since September 2006, below the bridge, on a converted boat, a nightclub, the Showcase has been opened to be a concert hall and a television studio, so when visiting the bridge Also do not forget to come here to experience the fun and exciting atmosphere.
    Visiting France to visit Paris without visiting the Alexandre III bridge is guaranteed that you will regret it all your life!

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